About Me

Living and loving life!

Living and loving life!

Who’s that girl?

Fun intro part, woohoo! So I’m just a girl (ahem, young woman) living in Austin (originally from a small suburb outside of Dallas) learning, living, and loving. Sorry to get so cliche, but it’s true! I work as a nanny, a job that I absolutely fell in love with. My current charge is baby R, 7 months old. I’m blessed to live in Austin, and love exploring the beautiful city each day on my own.


I have two wonderful parents and a younger brother, Alex, who I try to visit in Dallas when I get the time! My mom never judges me, and my dad gives great life advice, so I guess I’m pretty lucky. Also, I’m a 20 year-old who still gets really excited for family vacations with those crazy bunch.

Family selfie!

Family selfie!

I like a lot things. No really, there’s a lot. Rather than being much of an avid anything, I sort of dabble into whatever suits my interests best. I love reading, and I’m likely to post about some favorite books in the future. I enjoy scrapbooking and pretty much anything artsy-craftsy. I like making gifts for my friends.

I like cooking, but I enjoy baking the best. You can’t tell me that throwing a bunch of random ingredients into a bowl, putting it into the oven, then pulling about a delicious dessert just minutes later isn’t a little bit of magic :)

I love to sing!! I also play guitar, and write original songs, some of which I may put up eventually (if I’m feeling brave). I love hair, nails and makeup, basically anything typically ‘girly’, I’m there!

I’m a firm believer in body positivity and have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I think the world needs more handwritten letters, more love notes, more happy thoughts. I hope to write positive, motivating posts about living your best life. I hope you enjoy sharing the journey with me :)

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Due to the amount of emails I receive each day, it’s not always possible for me to respond in a timely manner.      Rest assured that your message will be read, and I try to get back to everyone eventually!



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