Pinterest IRL- DIY Sugar Wax


Friends, I am a self-confessed Pinterest addict. So, it should come as no surprise that I’m constantly willing to try out the craziest of ideas for the sole purpose of attempting to make my life look like a Pinterest board.

My latest and (maybe not-so) greatest trial was the ever-elusive sugaring/sugar waxing. This idea appealed to me because every summer I go searching for the method that will keep my leg hair at bay the longest. I’ve tried the special exfoliants before shaving, which added maybe a day, and I’ve tried Nair and Veet, both of which I didn’t find to be worth the time and mess. So- waxing it is! Note that I’ve never waxed my legs before, so I’m interested to see how this turns out. Apparently sugar waxing is supposed to be less painful than regular wax, as it does a better job of just pulling hairs and not the top layer of skin.

There are two types of sugar wax; soft wax and hard wax. The soft wax works like any other wax, where it is a thick liquid that is warmed up, applied to the skin, has a fabric strip pressed to it, then ripped off against the direction of hair growth. Basically your standard wax with all-natural ingredients. The one I was interested to try was the hard wax. This method involved a different ratio of ingredients when it came to the recipe. This method also involved putting the wax on your skin and basically having it be solid enough to just grab and pull, no fabric needed. Interesting. So, let’s give it a try! Continue reading


Your New Favorite Drink

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So, with that in mind, and Lent being 40 days, I figured it was a good a time as any to break one of my bad habits, and make a new one.

The first thing I wanted to do was break (or attempt to) my addiction to the sugars in sodas and candies. I gave up drinking all sodas/sugary drinks (including coffee!) for 40 days. Before this, I was a slave to Starbucks almost every morning. It doesn’t help that it was just feet from my work! But, I realized that beyond the effects of the caffeine I’m drinking in every day, I’m drinking in tons of calories and sugars each morning! It’s easy to turn down a burger because of the fat and calories, but think about all the sugars that go into the caramel sauce of your favorite Starbucks drink. Yep. Even my go-to, grande soy white chocolate mocha with no whip, came in at a whopping 470 calories!! Of course, that’s the standard recipe and there could be more or less depending on the whipped cream, type of milk used, etc., but, still!! So, I knew it was time to cut all those sugary drinks out of my life. Essentially, I’m drinking nothing but water. And sweet tea. Which, yes had both sugar and caffeine in it, 1) I drink it very sparingly, 2) Compared to the sugar in sodas its a much better choice!, and 3) Cut me some slack, this is harder than I thought. Continue reading

Water, Phones, and Rice

Ladies and gentlemen, something has happened. I, Alyssa Racquel, have fallen victim to doing something incredibly stupid.

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.

There! I said it, don’t make me repeat it! I feel silly enough already. Essentially I had my phone in my back pocket, and it decided to go for a daring dive right as I was about to use the toilet. Cool. Immeadiately I followed every bit of Pinterest advice I could remember, and stuck my phone in rice for a while. This did actually help, as the rice surrounding the phone soon became damp, but in the end, it just wasn’t enough to save my poor phone. And that leaves me here, with no phone. Lesson learned, kids. Water and cell phones don’t mix. But, you knew that already, right? :)