20 Hopes for my 20s

Friends, I turn 20 years old in a matter of days! I’m more than sure I’m freaking out about it much more than the average 19 year-old does, but it’s important to me! To be fair, I really freaked out when I turned 10. And who wouldn’t? Once you turn 10, your age is defined by not one, but two numbers, for the rest of your life, unless of course you turn 100. If I ever get there, I’m sure I’ll freak out just as much.

I am turning 20. I will no longer be a teenager, I will be in my 20s. That’s terrifying!! I would much rather let everyone just think I’m still a teenager and maybe get some slack? This whole life thing is hard. Living on your own, figuring out your life, trying to hold down a place, pay bills, and not eat Ramen every night is a feat, and something I’m actually pretty proud of accomplishing at 18. Is it weird that I feel like there are much more expectations from a 20 year-old? Am I allowed to still hate tomatoes and kale now that I’m in my 20s? Will people judge me when I want to eat candy when I’m sad, and put off laundry for 3 days too long?

I’m sure this is all pressure is just put on myself, but apparently I’m the type of person who overthinks all these things. I’m sure none of those things matter. It’s just another year on the journey,right? And I’m sure there’s plenty of people in their mid to late-20s who I’m sure are asking similar questions. *sigh* Sometimes I need to remind myself to sit down and seriously just chill out. It’ll be okay. That being said, I have lots of hope for this next decade of my life, known as ‘my twenties.’ In fact, I just so happen to have 20 of them :) Continue reading


Day 13- Favorite Place

Alrighty, so there’s a few of my fav things in this picture. First, just the fact that I have Starbucks in my hand. Second, my amazing little brother. And my car, which seems like something silly to call a favorite place, but for me, and maybe others my age, my car is something I exclusively own. Sure, I have my room and all, but it can all me controlled by my parents. Having my own car is just a sense of freedom that’s hard to find elsewhere :)