Confidence And The Deserving Girl


Throwing you shoulders back like you don’t care, even if you hate your outfit today. Not being asked to repeat yourself a million times. Knowing you deserve everything you work for. Not letting other’s comments make you think any less of yourself. Being a pro at hiding when you’re nervous. Asking for what you want, when you want it. Being assertive. Being fully assured of your own abilities. Never doubting yourself or your worth. Being able to show others that you are different, you rise above, and you are valuable. Believing in yourself. Never hesitating. Always focusing on the positive. Continue reading


My First Goddess Circle Experience


Hi friends!

So this past Thursday I attended my first Goddess Circle. What is a Goddess Circle, you ask? Well… essentially it’s a group of like-minded women to gather, talk, and support each other. A Goddess Circle is a place where no judgments are made, a place to be lifted up spiritually, a place for self-reflection and meditation. It is a place to make new friends, network, learn about others, and know you’re not alone in whatever your struggles may be. It is a place born of the innate sisterhood of women, and is a place where every woman’s voice is not only heard, but encouraged and empowered.

Okay, it sounds kind of hippie and hokey, I know. I was absolutely skeptical at first. But the idea of woman-empowered sisterhood sounded like it fit my ideals of woman-nurturing-woman that led me to become a postpartum doula. I found this group on, where I founded my Austin Nannies group. Again, I was skeptical, but very intrigued. The idea of being spiritual and connected with a higher power, without being religious, really appealed to me. And who doesn’t want to feel accepted, supported, and loved as a sister?

So, this past Thursday, I enlisted my best friend Tori (read her blog here) to come along with me on this new experience. We were greeted at a downtown apartment with snacks and drinks, and spent about 30 minutes semi-awkwardly mingling with the other 10 or so ladies. We all sat in a large circle among the couches and chairs of the beautifully decorated apartment, listening to quiet but uplifting music. It was obvious some had known each other before, but there were others who were also simply brought along by a friend. These girls sat quietly and listened in on conversations, while Tori and I mainly caught up with each other. The average age range was early twenties to early thirties. I had a feeling I would be among the younger end of the scale, but most girls were mid-twenties. Continue reading