This is so important…

Hey friends. Yes, I’m early on my post for this week. Today’s topic just could not wait.

As you know, I’m in the midst of becoming a postpartum doula in the hopes of owning my own postpartum service. This didn’t come about easily. I am lucky, and unique in that it didn’t take me very long to figure out that my calling was not in fact education, but caregiving. I knew that I loved caring for others, and realized that I could do so better in the comfort of people’s homes, rather than a classroom. I finally figured out what my gift to the Universe is, and I couldn’t be more excited to begin living my life of purpose and passion.

But not everyone can say that. Not everyone is so lucky. So I HAD to share this with you all today. Continue reading


The Piece of Dad Advice That Changed My Life


 Growing up, you always hear little bits and pieces of advice that parents, teachers, coaches, and even older kids give you about life, love, growing up… on and on. And everyone has the little bits that stick out to them the most. For some, it was relationship advice, for others, it was how to work hard in school. But me? I had a little nugget of advice that I could apply to literally any situation in life. When I was younger, it of course didn’t mean nearly as much. The context of the first time I heard it had to do with math homework, while now it applies to nearly every hard decision in my life. In any situation where I might wonder, “Is it worth it? Can I do this?” the answer is always yes, and I am able to take risks to pursue my passions. Today I am stronger, more passionate, and more driven because of this one phrase: Continue reading