Behind Alyssa Racquel- Day Four

 Hey friends! Today’s prompt is to tell the story behind my blog name. This one is a little silly for me, but here goes.

Alyssa Racquel. Alright, pretty simple. It’s my name, first and middle. Why not my last name? Because the internet is scary and when I started this blog I was maybe 16, and didn’t feel the need to put the risk out there. Plus, when I get married, it won’t become obsolete as a name! I chose to go with Alyssa Racquel as a name rather than a ‘true’ blog name because, at the time, I didn’t really have a niche for my blog. As a matter of fact, I still don’t! I still don’t really blog about just one thing. If I would name my blog anything, it would maybe be ‘ATXNanny’ or maybe ‘A Tiny Piece of Me’ or ‘Craft, Eat, Nanny.’ I don’t know. To me, there really is no better way to describe my blog than ‘a little bit of everything.’ And that’s wonderful, because I’m just as in love with my blog name now as I was when I began.

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October Blogging Challenge + Goals- Day One

 Hi friends! So I’m doing something special for the month of October. In an effort to branch out more with my blog, I’ve joined at October Blogging Challenge! This means I’ve have a new post to bring to you every day in October!

Day one’s post is about my goals for October. My goals with this challenge are to get into the habit of making time for blogging every day. I know it’ll be a challenge to get a post out every day, but it will be interesting to see how to make it work into my schedule instead of my one post a week schedule I’m currently on. Secondly, I’m hoping that by having 31 different posts this month, I can learn to be creative with my posts. I’m excited to write shorter posts more often, rather than feel the pressure to write a lengthier posts with less frequency.

October will be a crazy busy month for me! Beyond my blogging goals, I have the rest of October to get ready for my postpartum doula workshop, taking place the first weekend of November. I’ve got one more book to finish up before then, and I’m so excited to finally be taking steps towards becoming a postpartum doula!

That’s all, folks! Hope to see you here again (very) soon!

Day 24- Magazine

So even though I’ve been subscribed for like 3 years now, it still feels cool having a magazine dedicated to just my age. I love that everything in here is so relatable; no outrageous fashion spreads that no one would wear to school, no crazy unhealthy diet trends, and no sugarcoating the tough stuff. Like the slogan says- it’s good to be seventeen :)