Day 25- In My Town

Yep… little touristy town :)



Day 24- Magazine

So even though I’ve been subscribed for like 3 years now, it still feels cool having a magazine dedicated to just my age. I love that everything in here is so relatable; no outrageous fashion spreads that no one would wear to school, no crazy unhealthy diet trends, and no sugarcoating the tough stuff. Like the slogan says- it’s good to be seventeen :)


Days 19, 20, and 21

So I haven’t been doing a very good job of keepin up with these, have I? Sorry about that! Honestly on Friday I was just so excited about homecoming I totally forgot about posting! And yesterday I had a college campus visit all day… but enough with excuses! Onward with the content! :)

Day 19- Vampire
While I actually did read and enjoy the entire Twilight series, I felt the movies were so awful it actually made me dislike Twilight as a whole. Thanks a lot, Kristen Stewart :P


Day 20- Lazy Day Attire
An national champions sweatshirt from
forever ago (I used to do competitive cheer leading) that’s seriously just super comfy!! :)


Day 21- Crush
Well this one’s a bit obvious, huh? The one, the only, Darren Criss :) I’m only slightly obsessed, I swear ;)


Hopefully I’ll be better at keeping up with these in the future; I’m determined to finish all 31 days!