National Nanny Training Day 2016

Hey friends! Told you I’d be back :)

Today is another nanny-specific post, so if you enjoy those types of things, read on! If not…. well stick around for as long as you can anyway!

I learned about National Nanny Training Day about a week before the actual event, and was lucky enough to be able to make the trip on somewhat short notice. National Nanny Training Day is an event started and sponsored by Nannypalooza, one of the largest gatherings of nannies held each year. NNTD is also sponsored by HomeWork Solutions, a home employee payroll company. This year, the NNTD event for Texas was held in Dallas, and it worked out perfectly for me to be able to stay with my parents for the weekend to attend the training. This year, National Nanny Training Day held over 32 events across the nation. That’s a ton of nannies all getting together to learn! In fact, the number was close to 1150 nannies who are invested in their nannying career, how awesome!! Continue reading


Decrypting the ‘Nanny Code’

Hey friends! Another nanny post today because I’m a nanny and love kids and stuff. So, there are tons of nanny facebook groups and twitter pages. And when nannies post in these groups (for advice, to vent, etc.), they use lots of abbreviations when talking about nanny-specific things. This post is mainly because I’m tired of explaining and re-explaining what all these terms mean to newbie nannies, plus maybe other people would be interested to take a peek into the secret lives of nannies. Ha! So here goes. The master list of nanny abbreviations!

Here are some of the most common: Continue reading

2016 Planner Tour

Hey friends! As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with planners! I found a really great cheap one at Walmart last year, and used it all through 2015! For a few years I fell off the planner bandwagon, but now that I have so many meetings (babysitting nights), events (parties), and appointments (reminders to get my hair cut), it’s impossible to imagine my life without a place to write everything down.

I loved my 2015 planner dearly, but couldn’t find a replacement that I really loved. Sure, it was just a standard weekly planner from BlueSky, but I just really wasn’t feeling any of the designs available to me, plus I knew I needed to be able to customize it.

This year, I wanted to combine my planner and journal as a sort of daily gratitude log, so it was important to find a planner that offered a full page for writing per day. I also tend to use my planner as a notebook to jot down ideas for blog posts, songs, gifts, etc., so I wanted needed more room than just a few lines per day.

I started out with the Moleskine daily planner/journal, found here. My version is hardcover, 8.25 x 5in. I like this size because its large enough to not get lost, and small enough to carry with me everywhere (which I do!). Even in my ‘smaller purse’, it fits perfectly upright with room for my makeup bag. Continue reading

A Day In The Life- Day Eight

 Hi friends! Today’s prompt for day eight of the October blogging challenge is a Day In the Life. Lucky for me, I wrote a similar post not too long ago, and since not much has changed, I’ve decided to link it here.

Hope you all have a wonderful day friends, and see you here again tomorrow!

Don’t Poke Me- Day Six

Hi friends! Today’s blog post prompt of the day is six of your pet peeves. Just follow these simple steps and we can be friends:

  1. Don’t Poke Me- I absolutely hate when people tap me as a way to get my attention. When people go tap tap tap on my shoulder, it literally gives me anxiety. My heart races, my breath shortens, and all I can think is that whatever you have to tell me better be so important. Oh, you just wanted me to tell you what time it is? Then don’t tap tap tap me like the world is ending ohmygod you almost gave me a heart attack stop it. Stop it! DON’T POKE ME.
  2. Ignorant People- Conservative Republicans are the worst offenders of this bunch. Like, are you aware that your views make you seem like you don’t care about anyone but yourself and your money and your religion?
  3. Don’t Touch My Feet- I read somewhere that this is a preemie thing. That babies born prematurely had blood drawn from their feet in the NICU, and that’s why they’re particularly sensitive. Mine are both sensitive and particular ticklish. Someone’s hands hovering above my feet gives me this weird feeling of anticipation. Pedicures are the worst for me, and massage therapists have to be reminded- NO FEET.
  4. Don’t Click/Tap/Drum Your Pen/Pencil- Jacob used to be the worst about it when we studied together. Now he goes to all his TA’s study sessions, so its not my problem anymore, woo!
  5. Don’t Chew With Your Mouth Open- This is gross and everyone knows it. Stop it. STOP IT.
  6. Don’t Put Me Down- Don’t dare tell me that nannying isn’t a ‘real’ job. Don’t think I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Don’t ever doubt me, and we’ll be fine.

What are your pet peeves, friends? Let me know!