2016 Planner Tour

Hey friends! As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with planners! I found a really great cheap one at Walmart last year, and used it all through 2015! For a few years I fell off the planner bandwagon, but now that I have so many meetings (babysitting nights), events (parties), and appointments (reminders to get my hair cut), it’s impossible to imagine my life without a place to write everything down.

I loved my 2015 planner dearly, but couldn’t find a replacement that I really loved. Sure, it was just a standard weekly planner from BlueSky, but I just really wasn’t feeling any of the designs available to me, plus I knew I needed to be able to customize it.

This year, I wanted to combine my planner and journal as a sort of daily gratitude log, so it was important to find a planner that offered a full page for writing per day. I also tend to use my planner as a notebook to jot down ideas for blog posts, songs, gifts, etc., so I wanted needed more room than just a few lines per day.

I started out with the Moleskine daily planner/journal, found here. My version is hardcover, 8.25 x 5in. I like this size because its large enough to not get lost, and small enough to carry with me everywhere (which I do!). Even in my ‘smaller purse’, it fits perfectly upright with room for my makeup bag. Continue reading


This is so important…

Hey friends. Yes, I’m early on my post for this week. Today’s topic just could not wait.

As you know, I’m in the midst of becoming a postpartum doula in the hopes of owning my own postpartum service. This didn’t come about easily. I am lucky, and unique in that it didn’t take me very long to figure out that my calling was not in fact education, but caregiving. I knew that I loved caring for others, and realized that I could do so better in the comfort of people’s homes, rather than a classroom. I finally figured out what my gift to the Universe is, and I couldn’t be more excited to begin living my life of purpose and passion.

But not everyone can say that. Not everyone is so lucky. So I HAD to share this with you all today. Continue reading

Inspiration- Day Eleven

I’d like to think that the best writers can draw inspiration from almost anything. Person, place, thing, state of being, whatever. But, there are some things that just really are inspiring. Whether it be a phrase, a speech, or someone’s action, there are often things we find in Life that are make us realize how much we, ourselves, are capable of as well. Friends, here are some things that inspire me, and might inspire you too.

1. Ronda Rousey- This woman is nothing but a boss ass bitch. This video explains it all! If you don’t know who she is, Ronda Rousey is the current undefeated UFC champion for Women’s Bantamweight. She’s won her last 4 fights in the first round, and every single one of her fights has been won by submission or KO/TKO. This woman is terrifying, and I love her.

2. Kelly Ripa- Decidedly less terrifying, Kelly Ripa is like sunshine in a person. She reminds me so much of my mom in how she appears every morning with flawless style and grace. Congratulations are in order for her, as she’s just received a star on the Walk of Fame! Continue reading

The Piece of Dad Advice That Changed My Life


 Growing up, you always hear little bits and pieces of advice that parents, teachers, coaches, and even older kids give you about life, love, growing up… on and on. And everyone has the little bits that stick out to them the most. For some, it was relationship advice, for others, it was how to work hard in school. But me? I had a little nugget of advice that I could apply to literally any situation in life. When I was younger, it of course didn’t mean nearly as much. The context of the first time I heard it had to do with math homework, while now it applies to nearly every hard decision in my life. In any situation where I might wonder, “Is it worth it? Can I do this?” the answer is always yes, and I am able to take risks to pursue my passions. Today I am stronger, more passionate, and more driven because of this one phrase: Continue reading

Fulfillment- FILL Your Life with Happiness

Hello friends!!

Exciting news in the world of Alyssa can’t stop painting! So I love painting, but have recently realized that I keep accumulating all these paintings that while I absolutely love, I will probably never use or hang in my home.

Enter my new Etsy store! From here I’ll be able to keep painting and maybe make some money off them? I’m not painting in the interest of generating any income, lest you be confused. I will continue to paint no matter what, even as the stack of paintings continues to take over my room :) Friends, I’ve decided that my newest requirement in my dream home is a sunroom where I can sit and listen to music and paint and just really get absorbed into my work. You know how in nail salons they have those shelves on the walls with just rows and rows of nail polish colors? That’s my goal for my acrylic paints. Just rows of endless color options on the walls, a nice room with some sunlight, and maybe a nice big easel so i can start tackling bigger projects. My next goal would be to get started painting on a larger scale. I think up to this point the biggest canvas I’ve painted is 11″x14″, which is not a bad size, but I would just love to see what I’m capable of on a canvas 2 or even 3 times as big!

Anyways friends, that’s my paint rant. I love it, it makes me happy, so I’m going to keep doing it! Simple as that.

Friends, what do you do that brings you happiness? Think about it, whether it be something creative like painting, drawing, or writing, cooking a good meal for your family, or even just getting a good workout in, consider what brings you fulfillment. Do you do that often enough for yourself? If not, how can you alter your days to bring that in?  Continue reading