Day 14- Best Friends

Not gonna lie, my friends are pretty wierd. But then again, so am I. And so pretty much these are the people that I can be my weirdest self around. So, they’re awesome and they’re wierd and they’re mine :) (psst… recognize one of them? go follow her blog here.)



Day 1- Selfie

So I decided to bandwagon this month. Once again, I will attempt the month-long challenge of posting a new photo for each day. That’s right, friends, I’m starting October Photoaday!

I know every month there are always different versions of these, but here are the prompts I’ll be using:


And for day one, a selfie is in order! I realize I’ve already posted this picture here, but I’m also doing this on Instagram (follow me? racquelalyssa) and Facebook :)


OOTD- 9/21/12

So this past Friday my friends and I decided it would be funny to dress like stereotypical hipsters :) Which means that during school today I also was wearing a headband over my forehead, and even darker red lipstick. How fun! Anyways, I decided that ironically enough I liked the way the outfit looked, glasses and all. So…. here it is!


Shirt- Target
Jeans- Charlotte Russe
Cardigan- Old Navy
Glasses- Target (dollar section!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great start to the coming week! :)