My “Sex Talk”

From the very beginning, both of my parents always encouraged an open, honest conversation about the seemingly icky things in life. My first conversation about sex happened when I got my first kinda-real boyfriend at 15. I knew it was coming by the nervous way they asked me to sit down on the couch, telling me there was something they wanted to talk about. At this age, I had zero interest in sleeping with with any guys. In all honesty, I hadn’t even had my first kiss yet, and in the 2 and 1/2 weeks my kinda-boyfriend and I dated, it never happened.

But what did happen was an honest conversation with my parents about sex, and how it affected relationships. We talked about how sex as a fine, natural part of life, and something they were fine with me doing- so long as I was careful with not just my body, but my heart. Beyond the usual ‘wear a condom, don’t get pregnant’ spiel, my mom sat me down to help me realize that sex was an incredibly emotional thing as well. I realized this, and that’s why I was in no way ready to start having sex at 15. I knew whoever I had sex with, I wanted to love them. I was definitely not ready to make my body and heart so vulnerable to anyone yet, especially not the guy I was dating at the time.

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OOTD- 8/27/12 (first day of senior year!)

So today was it! The very last time I will leave from home and head off to the first day of school. It’s so surreal walking around the hallways now knowing no one there is older than me, and thinking about how senior year will be. Anyway, of course I had to have a cute outfit for the occasion!


Top- Charlotte Russe
Skirt- Victoria’s Secret Pink
Shoes- American Eagle
Ring- Forever 21

Hope you all have a happy back to school! :)