Make Ahead Frozen Smoothies

Hey friends! Today I wanted to share with you one of my newest obsessions- smoothies for breakfast! Although you may remember my love/hate relationship with smoothies, Jacob and I recently discovered a great smoothie place right next to our gym that fits my needs! Most smoothie places use either plain yogurt, milk, or a milk-based powder to ‘fill out’ the smoothies, and that’s usually what ends up disagreeing with my stomach. These kinds of smoothies are super common in chain smoothie places (I’m looking at you- Starbucks, Smoothie King, and Jamba Juice) since it’s essentially a cheaper way to make the smoothie. I was pleased to find out that Jamba Juice has a new menu of diary-free smoothies that I was able to try out, and it was amazing! A lot of Austin smoothie places are sensitive to this and great for non-dairy smoothie lovers, but unfortunately there are no JuiceLand or Austin Skinny Limits locations nearby us :( BUT, as I mentioned, we found a new place nearby that uses nothing but fruit and juices! Such a simple idea, honestly, but seemingly revolutionary in this day and age :P Shout-out to The Juice Bar in South Austin for making all my smoothie dreams come true!!

But what’s better that getting smoothies? That’s right, friends- making smoothies! Inspired by the deliciousness we discovered at The Juice Bar (and not wanting to pay close to $5 for each one!), Jacob and I set out to make our own smoothies, and be able to make them ahead to enjoy smoothies on-the-go all week long. Continue reading


Current Obsession: Fitmo App


Hello friends! So as you may or may not realize, I actively try to live a healthy lifestyle. I know, I know, if you’ve met me you know I spend way too much time with candy in my hands to really be taken seriously as an advocate for living healthy, and getting fit. But, after weeks of putting it off (and putting weight on), Jacob and I finally got a membership at our local Planet Fitness. Which is fine and dandy and all, but after a long day at work the last thing either of us has the motivation to do is dedicate and hour or more (plus travel time) going to the gym.

Note: I am in no way being paid or reimbursed by Fitmo for this review.

I just actually really really like that I don’t have to leave my house to workout. 

Because working out sucks. Kinda. Nobody likes it. Let’s be honest. Like you feel great after, yeah, but no one has the time of their life doing crunches. I sure as hell don’t. Every crunch I do makes me regret every donut I’ve ever eaten. And I love donuts. So hey crunches, stop making me hate something I love. I love food. But I want a good body. #thestruggle End rant. Continue reading

Your New Favorite Drink

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So, with that in mind, and Lent being 40 days, I figured it was a good a time as any to break one of my bad habits, and make a new one.

The first thing I wanted to do was break (or attempt to) my addiction to the sugars in sodas and candies. I gave up drinking all sodas/sugary drinks (including coffee!) for 40 days. Before this, I was a slave to Starbucks almost every morning. It doesn’t help that it was just feet from my work! But, I realized that beyond the effects of the caffeine I’m drinking in every day, I’m drinking in tons of calories and sugars each morning! It’s easy to turn down a burger because of the fat and calories, but think about all the sugars that go into the caramel sauce of your favorite Starbucks drink. Yep. Even my go-to, grande soy white chocolate mocha with no whip, came in at a whopping 470 calories!! Of course, that’s the standard recipe and there could be more or less depending on the whipped cream, type of milk used, etc., but, still!! So, I knew it was time to cut all those sugary drinks out of my life. Essentially, I’m drinking nothing but water. And sweet tea. Which, yes had both sugar and caffeine in it, 1) I drink it very sparingly, 2) Compared to the sugar in sodas its a much better choice!, and 3) Cut me some slack, this is harder than I thought. Continue reading