Another original song! I wrote it pretty recently (okay, yesterday haha) so its obviously not the best. Just a little love song that crossed my mind. Please leave me your thoughts and thanks for watching :)



So here it is, my friends! My very first song on iTunes! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for this to come out and be available for purchase now. All the money from this song, as well as the other songs from the album “Songs of the Superhero” goes directly towards the vitcims of the Aurora, Sikh, NYC, and Norway shootings that occurred recently. I sincerely hope you take the time to buy one of the songs from this album and help people in the process. Find the link to buy the songs here.

It’s Just the Beginning

Welcome, welcome!! This is all very exciting :) I like how I definitely had thought about starting a blog for a while, but was waiting for something worthwhile to blog about, or a more creative name to pop into my head. But, now neither have happened, and I’m here. Meaning I really just started this blog for the heck of it.

In this blog, I’m planning on just a little bit of everything I love. You’ll get your beauty posts, recipe ideas, outfit of the day posts, and *maybe* some of my music. Forewarning, it’s amateurish. But if I feel brave that day, you might just find yourself watching me perform my newest song. :)

Above everything else, I hope that my little bits of randomness are found to be helpful to readers. However little that number may be, I appreciate it all. I think that’s just about covered it? Now I’m worried I’ve rambled too much on the first post!! Looking for more information? Check out my about me page.

Anyways, bye for now, and I hope to see you back here soon! :)