10 Things You Might Not Know about Me- Day Ten

AKA 10 things you never knew you wanted to know about the ever-elusive Alyssa Racquel… XD Not really. Honestly there’s not much I don’t share with all you friends. All the random things I can think of I’m sure I’ve mentioned in a post before. I’m pretty weird. I eat in patterns, for example, and the sounds of the airport now drive me crazy. Let’s see if we can think of a few things though:

  1. I used to be a competitive cheerleader. Surely I’ve mentioned this before? Maybe not. When I first started my blog I believe I was a junior in high school, and at the time all I really talked about was colorguard. (P.S. Colorguard is amazing and are some of my fondest memories of high school) But yes, friends, I was indeed a cheerleader for a very long time. Like close to 9 years long time. Cheerleading was one of my true passions, and looking back on it, I really hate the reason why I quit. It was silly, and I know that if I had stuck with cheerleading, I would’ve been able to cheer on a much higher level. But alas, I felt that being away from my school friends for so long (My cheer team was made up of girls from other local high schools based on age and ability, and we had 4-5 practices a week) was affecting my middle school career, and I quit. But yes, had I stayed in I probably would’ve made it past Level 3 (out of 5) and been able to try out for a college team. Hello, cheer scholarships!
  2. I can never remember 8+5I know it seems silly, and it seems simple. I can remember 8+4 is 12 always, and 8+6 is 14, maybe because they’re even numbers? Maybe 13 is just a weird number… I’m not sure what it is, but I always have to sit and think about 8+5 more than I do any other simple addition problem. Anyone else have a random figure they can’t ever seem to remember?
  3. Although I am deep in that #nannylife, this is my first full-time nanny job.This is not to say that I have no childcare experience. If that were true, no way I would’ve been hired. As many of you know, before this position, I worked at a preschool in the infant room for nearly a year, taking care of 10 little ones with the help of 2 other wonderful ladies. Before that, I had always babysat for the kids in my neighborhood, and even took on a part-time summer nanny position for a 5 year-old little boy and a 3 year-old little girl when I was in high school. It’s been almost 6 months with my current NannyFamily, and I couldn’t be happier! I love my little B and G<3
  4. I spend every Saturday morning blogging at Starbucks.Having a regularly scheduled time to blog makes things incredibly easier throughout the week. I try to have a post or two prepared ahead of time, but if not, I give myself only an hour and a half to come up with something each week. Giving myself a deadline really helps me buckle down and get things done. That’s right friends, majority of my posts were written in a little over an hour. With the exception of the current October Blogging Challenge, I usually post once a week, on Saturdays around 11am. This system of working on the blog Saturdays helps keep that on track.
  5. Jacob and I jumped in very quickly together!Some of my close friends are aware of our ‘story’, but for those who don’t know… I know it seems crazy and naive, but when you know, you know. So Jacob and I first met on the Texas State campus in August of 2013. He hit on me, I had a boyfriend, I rejected him. Two months later, a now-single me saw him in my art building, and we started talking again. Our first official date was on Halloween of 2013, and on November 17th we became a couple, and said “I love you” for the first time. January 4th of 2014 (A month and a half after officially dating!) we moved in together! Yep, like I said, I know it’s a crazy story friends. But had I not moved to Austin, my plan was to move back to Denton and attend the University of North Texas. Jacob couldn’t let me leave, and insisted I stay with him, and move to Austin to be together. And somehow or another, he was convincing enough that I said yes! Everyone thought we were crazy, and that’d we’d never last. Two years later I enjoy blocking those people from my Facebook :)
  6. I was a very late bloomer.Ya’ll know I don’t care about talking about periods and sex and such. We’re all adults here, it happens, its a part of life. Well, my first menstruation didn’t become a part of my life until I was 17. Yep, 17 years old friends. I was a senior in high school and the absolute last of my friends to get my period. I was a good 5 years behind everyone else, and honestly it worried me for a few years. At 15 I was convinced my lack of a period meant I could never have kids, and underwent lots of tests and even a sonogram to make sure everything looked as it should. At this point I even considered hormone therapy (aka putting me on birth control for a year, then taking me off) to start my period. A few months before my follow-up appointment, my very own Aunt Flo came to visit! And friends, it. was. horrible. I have never experienced such a painful period since. I missed two days of school and bled for over a week. Needless to say, I started birth control very soon after, and have had happy, two-day long, cramp-free periods ever since :)
  7. I hate coconut so much, I lie and say I’m allergic.I hate, hate, HATE coconut. I can’t stand the taste of it, shredded, toasted, roasted, or otherwise. I hate coconut water, coconut milk, pina coladas, I also hate the scent of coconut, among other scents (Vanilla being one of the worst offenders. Whoever came up with coconut-vanilla scented things is among my least favorite people) Coconut is actually pretty easy to avoid though, but nearly every other ‘beauty trick’ on Pinterest involved me slathering my hair in coconut oil. It promises lots of shine, healthier hair, and magical unicorn powers, but I honestly thing I would gag of the smell before anything got done to my hair.
  8. I probably hit something in the parking lot.My car looks pretty banged up, I know. But I don’t get into accidents, I really don’t!  I tend to hit curbs, run over those little dividers in parking lots, and scrape curbs when parallel parking. Little things that just kind of add up, making me looks like a terrible driver. I’m not a terrible driver! Except for maybe one time when I scraped my bumper on one of those 3ft high walls in parking lots. You know, where there’s like a median in the parking lot with grass and trees and whatever? Well, this one has a pretty high cement wall around it. I didn’t see it until I heard it…. scraping my car. But I’m not a bad driver!!
  9. I never grew up with sugary cereals in the house.My idea of a sugary cereal was Life. I have a healthy appreciated for Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted Flavor, and nothing beats a good bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Also, Raisin Bran was my actual favorite cereal for a while. When my mom did give in and buy my little brother and I Trix or Cocoa Puffs, it was the gross kind advertised with 1/3 less sugar, that tasted nothing like the real thing. Friends that I had sleepovers with never understood why I just wanted a bowl of Lucky Charms for dessert, but that was where it was at! Of course, this was all when I was growing up. A few months after moving out, I went back home to discover a box of real life actual full-sugar LUCKY CHARMS in my pantry, which only furthers my theory that my little brother is a spoiled brat. (Just kidding I love you Alex! But for real, give me your Captain Crunch). Well, my mom’s no-sugar cereal brainwashing must’ve really worked though, because even now when I do my own grocery shopping, I reach for that Raisin Bran like an old friend. Okay, Mom, you win.
  10. I’m not even 5 feet tall.Sad but true friends. I think I’m actually pretty close to being 4′ 10 1/2″ (thats 1.48m, international friends!), but my doctor’s office is nice and writes down 4′ 11″. The DPS was even nicer when I got my driver’s license and somehow let me put down 5′ 0″ on my license! But yeah, I’m super short. Like, really short. I never really realized how short I had always been growing up until I looked back at pictures of my friends and I when we were all younger. (Another interesting thing I noticed, I was also nearly the only one of my friend’s who wasn’t white. But more on the socioeconomic of my hometown another day) The only thing I hate about being so short is that I also kind of have a baby face, making me look 15 or 16 at best when I’m actually 20. But everyone knows I look super young. “You’ll be glad when you’re older!” people tell me. Cool. Great. Thanks.

There we have it friends! 10 things you may not have known about me, but now you do. Don’t you feel special? Tell me, what is one thing you’ve never shared with your blog? Also, reassure me I’m not crazy in not being able to remember something as simple as 5+8 haha. Have a wonderful day, and I hope to see you all back here soon (tomorrow!)


My Problem with the College Application Process

Dear essay reader,

You don’t know me.

At least, the real me.

Sure you’ve got the standard information; my name and address, where I go to school, my activities, and most importantly, my grades. But class rank and GPA is just a number. Of course the number is a representation though, a reflection of my dedication and commitment to schoolwork and achievement.

But… you don’t know me.

You don’t know my favorite color, who my friends are, or how I get along with my siblings. Sure, you know my parents names, their addresses, and how much money they make if you’re really interested, but you don’t know the impact they’ve had on me. You don’t know about the little sayings my mom tells me in Spanish to help get through tough times. You don’t know how my mom wakes me up on Saturday mornings, with a back rub and a cup of tea if its cold.

In this essay I write to you, I’m trying to reveal myself, but at the same time not seem vulnerable. I want to seem focused and concentrated, like I know what I’m doing in life, when in reality I’m just as scared and unsure as the next seventeen year-old. I want to seem confident, like I know what I want in life, even though my palms are sweating as I write this. I want you to believe I’ve got it all figured out, but you hold the key to my next step in life. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about myself.

My name is Alyssa Racquel and I am 18 years old. I live in Grapevine, Texas, about ten minutes from DFW airport. Well… this got a little mundane quickly, didn’t it? My apologies. I love the color purple and everything about it. I love the versatility of it, how just a slight change of hue changes the whole feeling. A deep, eggplant purple is reminiscent of royalty, while a lighter lilac purple can evoke images of youth and innocence. I play guitar and write original songs. I have a fascination with spoken word poetry. I love the idea of poems with words that demand to be performed, not just sit on a piece of paper. I have written many spoken word poems, and found that they can help me sort out my feelings and thoughts towards a topic.

I love to create, anything and everything. From the aforementioned spoken word poems to a crafty gift for a friend, I love it all. There’s just something especially satisfying after hours of hard work to be able to look at a finished product and think, Hey, I made that. There is a certain sense of pride and joy in knowing that you have created something that has never been done before, that you have created something completely original. I love knowing that I write poems like no one else can. No one else has the same past experiences to draw on, no one has the same hopes, the same dreams, the same fears. My creations are truly an extension of my individuality, and a tribute to what makes me uniquely me.

I don’t want to be average. I want to be interesting, exciting. I strive to be different than all the rest. Of course I don’t want to be remembered in negative ways, though. I want to be known, to be recognized for my achievements. Lest you begin to think I feel entitled in any way, know that these are just my highest hopes, and also my deepest fears. I say I dislike being average, simply because I fear that I am. I say I want to be remembered, only because my biggest fear is being forgotten. I want you to remember this essay, go out and talk about how it was an essay like none you had ever read before, because only I can write an essay like this one.

You don’t know me.

But I hope, after reading this, that you’d like to.