2016 Planner Tour

Hey friends! As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with planners! I found a really great cheap one at Walmart last year, and used it all through 2015! For a few years I fell off the planner bandwagon, but now that I have so many meetings (babysitting nights), events (parties), and appointments (reminders to get my hair cut), it’s impossible to imagine my life without a place to write everything down.

I loved my 2015 planner dearly, but couldn’t find a replacement that I really loved. Sure, it was just a standard weekly planner from BlueSky, but I just really wasn’t feeling any of the designs available to me, plus I knew I needed to be able to customize it.

This year, I wanted to combine my planner and journal as a sort of daily gratitude log, so it was important to find a planner that offered a full page for writing per day. I also tend to use my planner as a notebook to jot down ideas for blog posts, songs, gifts, etc., so I wanted needed more room than just a few lines per day.

I started out with the Moleskine daily planner/journal, found here. My version is hardcover, 8.25 x 5in. I like this size because its large enough to not get lost, and small enough to carry with me everywhere (which I do!). Even in my ‘smaller purse’, it fits perfectly upright with room for my makeup bag. Continue reading


Dear 2014:

Dear 2014: I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me this year!! 2013 was a year of so many changes, and I know 2014 will be just as an important piece in shaping my future. I’m excited to go back to school to pursue becoming an art teacher, I’m excited to live in Austin and experience so many new things, I’m excited to live with the one I love, and excited to see where this new year takes me. This year I want to spend more time in gratitude and thoughtfulness. Writing Today’s Letters has made me more conscious of the little things; the things that loved ones do that make me appreciate them all the more, how happy Starbucks makes me, how much I want to experience. This year I want to learn to share my life with someone, and keep a happy and healthy home of my own. I’m so very blessed to have parents and family that support me, and this year I want to make everyone proud of what I accomplish.

Dear Jacob: (yes this is the actual text I sent him at midnight lol) Happy New Year!! I can’t wait for everything that 2014 holds for you and I. I’m so very blessed to have you in my life and I want you to always remember how much I love you darling. I can’t wait to live together in our first apartment, continue school, enjoy our summer together, and even begin my sophomore year with you at my side. I’m excited to cook you dinners and watch movies together, to go to Kasbah and hang out with your friends. I’m excited to do homework in bed and go to more concerts, go grocery shopping and every other mundane chore that seems so much better with you. This year you’ll turn 21 and be a junior in college! It’s crazy to think about how much growing we have to do in 2014, and I can’t wait to have you by my side to do it all. I love you so very much, Jacob!! Happy New Year<3

Dear Mom and Dad: This past year was definitely one to test us. Through the ups and downs of finishing my senior year, and all the changes that came with me leaving home for college, I’m so grateful to have always had to both there to support me. I’m unbelievably blessed to have parents who are not only able, but willing to help Jacob and I start something new together. No matter where I live though, I know I can call you home, whether it be in Grapevine or somewhere else. Thank you so much for everything, and I hope to continue to make you proud in 2014. I love you both very much<3


Dear Family: Yes, college is going well. Yes, I have a boyfriend! Yes, yes, I am indeed growing up before your very eyes. Even as I answer all the same questions to the uncles and aunts, I’m still thankful to have you all in my life today. Nothing feels better around the holidays than having family gathered together :) Dear pumpkin pie: You’re coming home with me darling. Dear all the baked goods I made: Thank you two dozen chocolate chip cookies, two strawberry cakes, and two dozen brownies for coming out exactly the way I wanted and impressing my family :) Dear J: I missed you today! Lol my parents got to tell everyone about my new Austin boyfriend ;) I love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!




Today’s Letters

Today I came across a blog in which a husband and wife share a journal and write letters to each other daily. Occasionally they share these on the blog, an example can be found here. I love this idea and though I may not share a physical copy of these letters, I think it’s nice to collect these little daily thoughts as a reminder of how great even the smallest things are. I’ve gathered my letters from the last week or so, and posted them below:

Sunday- 11/17/2013
Dear Dad: Thank you for scaring the crap out of me, then pleasantly surprising me by how much you and Jacob really got along. Dear Mom: You were right. He’s a keeper :) Dear Little Brother: I knew you would like him! Playing video games together is the perfect way to win you over. Dear J: Thank you for everything today. I loved walking through my city with you hand-in-hand. I loved seeing you in Grapevine, loved seeing you feel at home in my home. Today couldn’t have been more wonderful because of you. Dear Hometown: Stay beautiful, Grapevine.

Monday- 11/18/2013
Dear Vikki: I’m sorry I was late to math. Again. Dear J: We just spent the whole weekend together, but I missed not seeing you today. The day was a little quieter, but you still made me feel loved. Thank you for that darling :)

Tuesday- 11/19/2013
Dear J: Today you surprised me with a morning visit! You brighten my day, and I was so happy to see you before I went to class.

Wednesday- 11/20/2013
Dear Stomach: I know you hate Panda Express. I’m so sorry.

Thursday- 11/21/2013
Dear J: Today we spent an evening playing pool, and you convinced me that one band guy really does like me for some reason… We finished the night with Netflix in bed, which has become one of my favorite things now :)

Friday- 11/22/2013
Dear Dad: Happy Birthday!! I wish I could have spent it with you, but I was so glad that we had our time on the phone, and happy that you and Jake get along so well when you talked. Dear Jacob: Today you sat through the cold, wind, and freezing rain to watch my colorguard practice. The practice was awful and I couldn’t give my best performance because of the weather, but having you there really did cheer me up. I still feel terrible you had to sit through that, but it just makes me all the more sure of how much you love me. Dear Texas weather: Fuck you.

Saturday- 11/23/2013
Dear Jake: Today you came to the football game!! It made me so happy to look up into the stands during my performance and see you smiling back down at me. Again, you sat through the cold, wind, and freezing rain for me, and you earned about 1500 points for that and yesterday. I love you so much.

Sunday- 11/24/2013
Dear Jake: Today I met your parents. I’m not gonna lie, I was super intimidated and nervous. But I got there and you made me feel comfortable and eased my fears. Also, we watched the Cowboys beat the Giants, so it was obviously a good day :) Dear J’s Dad: Thank you for being a Cowboys fan! I hope I didn’t disappoint anything Love’s told you about me. I hope you know just how wonderful your son is. Dear J’s Aunt: Thank you for keeping conversation up at dinner. I tend to get quiet when I’m nervous, but you kept the talking flowing and even brought up the biggest dinner conversation that saved me :) Dear J’s Mom: Please like me. Please.

Monday- 11/25/2013
Dear Math professor: I’m sorry no one showed up to class today. Matrices are awesome, you’re right, and everyone loves college algebra, I promise. Dear J: Today I went shopping with Vikki and found a perfect Christmas gift for you!! I hope you like it :) Dear Starbucks: Thank you for so loving the world that you sent your only caramel apple spice. That stuff is magical delicious. Dear Love: Today we managed to get into an orchestra performance for free! Thank you for not getting upset when we were late because I told you the wrong building, woops.

Tuesday- 11/26/2013
Dear Love: Today is our last together before I go home for Thanksgiving. Two days seems short, and I know I haven’t said it yet, but I know I’m going to miss you. Hopefully pumpkin pie will tide me over until you come up on Friday :) Also, thank you for not judging me for totally taking apart my room in an attempt to clean up/pack. Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful as I walk around in leggings, a comfy sweatshirt, hair in a ponytail, without one spot of make-up on. You’re a beautiful person, and I adore you.