Butterfly Mobile

Hello friends! Today I made something I’m legitimately proud of. Mainly because it’s just super pretty and it took forever so I’m happy to be done with it.

I made a butterfly mobile! I’m planning on giving it to my 3 year-old cousin, seeing as pink butterflies don’t exactly best suit a 17 year-old room. ;)

Anyways, if you want to make your own, here’s what you’ll need: a butterfly punch, some sort of thin, clear string (I use clear nylon thread), a wire circle in whatever size (mine is approx. 6″ in diameter), ribbons for hanging, ribbon/fabric for around the circle, and glue dots.

Unortunately I didn’t exactly plan ahead in making this, so I don’t have step by step pictures. But, I feel the instructions shouldn’t be too confusing, and I do have a few pictures that should help clear things up.

First, take the ribbon you want to hang the mobile on, and cut it into four parts. (This is where having plenty of ribbon so you can get the length you want comes in!) Then, tie one fourth around the circle, so the knots form a cross. Then take the long ends of tbe ribbon and tie then together at the top. Confused yet? I know, its a bit overwhelming in writing. Pictures soon I promise! I then took small scraps of fabric and ribbon and tied them in knots all around the wire circle. So, you should have something that looks like this:

Ignore the butterflies on my ceiling haha. :) In this picture, I’ve also threaded some of the clear thread through the knot of the large pink ribbon so I can hang it.

Now, taking your clear thread, you’re going to create two Xs across the circle. I did this by simply taking the thread and wrapping it around the wire circle a few times to make sure it’s sturdy, but it really won’t hold too much weight. Then I just triple-tied the ends together and cut off the excess. You’re essentially making spokes for the long strings of butterflies to hang on. Repeat this 5-7 more times, and you should end up looking like this:

Kind of hard to see, but you get the idea. Creating these lines across will give us a better base to put up our butterflies next.

Now, the process of actually making the strings with the butterflies posed a challenge. But, before I get ahead of myself, go ahead and punch out as many butterflies as you need. This will depend on how big the butterflies are, how spaced out they are, etc. The butterflies I used are relatively small, and because I used two for each butterfly, I used roughly 120. These I just cut out of cardstock, mainly a cream color, and others in a light brown and salmon-pink color.

I took each of these and folded the wings on each so it looked more like they were flying. Of course, this is just my preference, I’m sure it would look just as good not folding either, or just folding one and not the other. To attach them, use a small glue dot in the center of the butterfly, put the string across it vertically, then press the center of the other butterfly on top. The glue dots I used ended up being the perfect size for the butterfly centers!


There are a few ways in getting these on the strings to hang, and the first method I tried involved measuring out the length of the string first (with room to tie, of course) and attaching all the butterflies before tying it to a cross-string on the mobile.


What I found actually worked was measuring out roughly 18 inches of thread, and tying it off, then attaching the butterflies once the string is already on the mobile. Continue doing this until you have one string hanging for each of your ‘spokes’ and one in the center, varying lengths as you see fit. Your final result is this:



Now, I’m not gonna lie, this took some time. From tying each ribbon around the wire, to attaching every little butterfly, it’s definitely not something that can be done in an hour. But, after all the time and work that goes into it, you get something that really is worthwhile. After I hung the mobile, the fan in the room picked up on the butterflies and swayed them just enough to look like they were fluttering beneath the mobile. So simple, yet so beautiful. Hope you enjoy :)