Oreo Balls

Ah, the magical deliciousness of Oreo balls. Though I’ve had the pleasure of eating these before, never had I attempted to make them before. So, that was my mission today, and they came out better than I imagined!

Here’s what you’ll need: a full package of plain ol’ oreos (resist the urge to buy double stuf, it doesn’t turn out well!), an 8oz. package of cream cheese (softened), and two 8oz. packages of Baker’s semisweet chocolate.

First things first, to crush up your Oreos. After a long, hard battle involving a plastic bag and a meat tenderizer, I figured there had to be a better way. Sure, if you’re making these with little kids getting to crush Oreos with a hammer is lots of fun. But if not, 5-6 Oreos in the blender on either chop or crumb works great.

Combine the chopped up Oreos and cream cheese until you get a sort of paste. It’s honestly not the most appealing looking at this stage, but comes out delicious, I promise! :) Form these into little balls as big or small as you want (i usually take about a teaspoon and rolled the balls from that size). Put these on wax paper and place in the freezer to chill for an hour or so.

Melt the chocolate in the microwave according to the package, but I recommend to do it a bit at a time, since the chocolate will cool and begin to harden quickly, making it difficult to dip the balls in. I found the best way to do this was to use some lollipop sticks I had leftover, and put them through the balls to dip them in the chocolate. Unfortunately it did leave a hole in a few of the balls, but nothing that couldn’t be filled in with chocolate later.


You can see not all of the chocolate has hardened up yet, but this is your final product. Enjoy! :)