Pretty Things- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain

Alrighty, so I haven’t exactly been much of a beauty blogger in the past, but I tried something the other day that I just have to share! It’s not even a new product, I literally had just never tried them before and fell in love. They’re Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, and they’re magical. I bought one on a whim the other day in Lovesick, and immediately went back to the store the next day to get more! :)

So here’s the thing with these, it’s a balm, it’s a stain, it’s a magical hybrid. Like any other good lip balm, it’s moisturizing and light, which came as a surprise from the almost waxy texture. It’s also a stain, which are usually tend to dry out lips. Now, most stains I’ve used (I’m looking at you, Covergirl lip stains) come in more of a marker form, and kinda make me feel like I’m just rubbing a Crayola magic pen all over my face. Also, while the stain does last a good while, it’s difficult to get an even ‘spread’ once you put it on. Basically, if you’re like me and like to play with different lip colors in the morning before making a final decision, lip stains are not your friend. I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented the colors were, especially considering the stain properties it has.

I don’t do lipsticks too often because I hate having to reapply at school, so normally I stick to colored lip glosses that I can just slick on easily without a mirror. I’d hate to be ‘that girl’ whose got her mirror and half a make-up kit out on her desk in the middle of class! Occasionally I’ll use a stain and a clear gloss over it, which doesn’t need too much touch-up during the day. That’s why these are the perfect combination of balm/stain for me! :) I currently have the colors Lovesick, an almost-fuschia hot pink, Sweetheart, a lighter, less intense pink, and Romantic, your all-around good-lookin orangey red. There are about 12 shades in all, and they’re available for about $8 at drugstores everywhere, so I definitely plan on getting more. For now, it’s my new favorite :)