Literally Inches Away

Ya’ll. I turn 21 in just two short months, and I have never been more frustrated/excited. At this point it’s seriously just a huge annoyance to not be able to drink when Jake and I go out to watch sports, because we usually end up at Buffalo Wild Wings or Pluckers at a time that we’re not hungry, so Jake just orders one or two beers and the waitress always looks pissy like we wasted her time. I’ve worked in a restaurant, albeit not as a server, but I do know how hard it is for them to get by on their measly minimum wage (servers at my restaurant got $2.13/hr- just enough to cover taxes on their hours worked), and I know that every table counts when it comes to tips. The point is, I feel bad, but I can’t do anything more about how our bill comes out!  Sorry! Continue reading


Outfit of the Day- Day Three

Hi friends! Today’s post was on my outfit of the day. I’ll be including all my outfits from Austin City Limits as a fun series!

Day One:

I absolutely love this dress from Urban Outfitters! I wasn’t able to get a picture of the strappy back until after, so here’s a bathroom selfie at the end of the night ;)

You can find this Kimchi Blue Scarlett Fit + Flare Dress at Urban Outfitters here. I love this red floral print! Continue reading