Confidence And The Deserving Girl


Throwing you shoulders back like you don’t care, even if you hate your outfit today. Not being asked to repeat yourself a million times. Knowing you deserve everything you work for. Not letting other’s comments make you think any less of yourself. Being a pro at hiding when you’re nervous. Asking for what you want, when you want it. Being assertive. Being fully assured of your own abilities. Never doubting yourself or your worth. Being able to show others that you are different, you rise above, and you are valuable. Believing in yourself. Never hesitating. Always focusing on the positive. Continue reading

20 Things I Thought I’d Be Able To Do By 20 (But Can’t)

Hey friends! Hope you didn’t mind my break last week. Jake and I were enjoying a relaxing weekend at Horseshoe Bay Resort, compliments of my ever-wonderful bosses! Jake and I have just been so busy on the weekends, last week was finally the weekend we could enjoy our Christmas present! The whole resort is gorgeous, and we had a super nice spa day that I highly recommend you go and check out for yourself. But enough about that. Friends, when I was young and naive [read: 16 years old], I was convinced that as soon as I graduated high school and left for college, that was it. I was an adult. I would have an apartment, go to school, go to bars and parties (eventually), and basically just have all my shit together. HA. HA. HA. There’s a lot I thought I would be able to do on my own by the age of 20, but here are 20 things that I definitely still can’t. Continue reading

The Newly Born Mother

Often in Life, there are few things that we can talk about with absolute certainty. Life changes and flows, grows and stretches its hands in new ways all the time. If there is anything in Life that is certain, it is that everything is uncertain. Yet I have been lucky to find that the certainty my Life is that I was meant to be, no, born to be a caregiver. Yes, I was that young girl who hoarded baby dolls and treated each of them with care. When my brother was born, I was elated. Why wouldn’t I be? My mother had just given birth to a real-life baby doll, and he was all mine to take care of. My mom called me his ‘little mama,’ and the older I grew, the more true it became. Being 6 years older, I never felt that we ‘grew up together.’ With such an age gap I was constantly the caregiver, something I of course never minded. At age 10 I yelled at the other kids for playing too rough with him, as he was smaller and kind of babyish compared to other kids his age. At age 13 I was excited to pick him up from after school care and walk, hand-in-hand, the two blocks back home. By age 16 I was full-on chauffeur, taking him to and from taekwondo practice while I studied in the corner, preparing for college admissions. Continue reading

Decrypting the ‘Nanny Code’

Hey friends! Another nanny post today because I’m a nanny and love kids and stuff. So, there are tons of nanny facebook groups and twitter pages. And when nannies post in these groups (for advice, to vent, etc.), they use lots of abbreviations when talking about nanny-specific things. This post is mainly because I’m tired of explaining and re-explaining what all these terms mean to newbie nannies, plus maybe other people would be interested to take a peek into the secret lives of nannies. Ha! So here goes. The master list of nanny abbreviations!

Here are some of the most common: Continue reading

To My Forever Babies

Hey Little Ones,

When you’re old enough to read this, I hope you remember me. Unfortunately, you probably don’t. And won’t.

See, I took care of you when you were very very small. In fact, you were so tiny that your parents spent lots of time making sure you would be safe in my arms. When I first saw your face, you were just months old. We first met either in the infant classroom of your beloved preschool, or in your very own home.

Right now, you are still small (for the most part). For my classroom babies, it’s been almost a year since I changed your little diapers. Most of you will be turning 2 years old in the next few months. The other day I got the chance to go visit the preschool I taught at, and saw your smiling faces again. You (all 7 of you!) walked up to me with wonder and the look that you give someone when you know you recognize them, but you can’t quite remember from where. None of you were scared or hesitant, and each of you greeted me with a hug, and maybe even a kiss. But none of you ran screaming excitedly, or gave me that same smile you did when you used to walk into my classroom. It made me sad, sure, but of course I understand, as its been so long since I’ve seen you. It was the craziest thing seeing you all walking and talking! I had forgotten what it was like to be surrounded by so many little ones, and was nearly brought to tears when I hugged all of you at once. I had forgotten how strong my love for all of you was! Continue reading