Outfit of the Day- Day Three

Hi friends! Today’s post was on my outfit of the day. I’ll be including all my outfits from Austin City Limits as a fun series!

Day One:

I absolutely love this dress from Urban Outfitters! I wasn’t able to get a picture of the strappy back until after, so here’s a bathroom selfie at the end of the night ;)

You can find this Kimchi Blue Scarlett Fit + Flare Dress at Urban Outfitters here. I love this red floral print! Continue reading


Packing for: 15 days on the beach

15 days on the beach

Hello friends! So I’m currently in Destin, Florida, woo! I’m spending about a week and a half here with my family (parents and younger brother) and really enjoying the time off from work. However- this trip meant a few more days of travel for me. I first traveled from Austin up to Dallas, about a 3 hour drive. The next morning we got up bright and early to drive from Dallas to New Orleans, where we stayed one night, then made the last leg of the drive the next day all the way to Destin. Believe me, after spending the majority of the last 3 days in a car, I was ready to get to the beach!

The one thing that always gets me when traveling is packing. I loathe it. I don’t know if anyone really likes it. I always have the problem where I come up with all these amazing outfits and am convinced I will wear every one. I’m one of those people who packs what they need, then last minute throws in tons of extra stuff that I don’t end up using.

So, when packing for this trip I tried to focus on bringing pieces that I knew I could use in multiple outfits! The exception here is dresses, because I absolutely adore wearing dresses in the summer because, well- no pants! Of course I brought way too many with me, but hey, I have to be prepared :) Below are the items that I packed for my trip, all packed with my favorite rolling method. I laid out some outfit examples as well, and even though there are more outfits than days I would be traveling, I like having options. Also, take the outfit examples as a guide, not a complete list. I’m sure there’s twice as many outfit combinations that could be made, these are just some of the ones I knew I would be most likely to wear.

  •  5 tops- I chose 3 tops that are meant to be layered over other tank tops for variety. Any of these 3 tops could go on top of any of the 6 tank tops and be paired with shorts or even a skirt. The other two tops (blue patterned and brown speckled on far right) I chose because of how light and breezy they would be on the hot beach! Plus, in case of colder weather, both tops would pair nicely with either the basic blue or white cardigan and jeans.
  • 6 tank tops- Perfect for layering under the 3 aforementioned tops, under cardigans, or on their own! Note: when packing undergarments for the trip, these are what I planned all my bras around. That way I didn’t have to scramble for a bra that wouldn’t show through the shirt, or had mismatching strap colors.
  • 2 basic tops- Basics, obviously. Good for layering under cardigans, on top of tank tops if needed, and goes with anything!
  • 3 cardigans- I chose a basic white to go with anything (including dresses- I’m always that one girl freezing in nice restaurants), a light blue that’s summery and also goes with tons, and a black and white cheetah print cardigan. The basic idea with this one is to go with a patterned neutral that could be layered on top of solid colors, like our solid colored tank tops! This is a super easy way to build quick outfits. A pattered cardigan, solid colored tank, and either black, white, or denim shorts= a winning combo! How perfect! It’s like we planned it :)
  • 2 bandeaus- For layering under the brown speckled top (it’s a little showy on the sides and cleavage) or under the 3 other layering tops. Also super cute on their own with the high-waisted skirt
  • 3 shorts- Go with 3 basics! Denim shorts go with everything, as does black. Black shorts add a little nice of a feel that cuffed denims, and the teal shorts are a fun pop of color that can be added to the basic black and white v-neck tees, plus look great with a black tank top with the cheetah print cardigan
  • 1 pair of jeans- Really only in case it gets cold, or if planning a trip to the movies. I always get cold in movies- tell me I’m not the only one!
  • 1 skirt- I chose a skirt that had multiple colors in the print so I could match it with different tops. This one could go with black, white, coral, mint, and teal.
  • 6 dresses- Okay, so this is a lot of dresses. But when you’re on the beach and coming back and forth between the room, a lot of times you’ll wear one outfit in the morning, then come home and shower and get ready to go out wearing something completely different. Also, I really love dresses. Nothing’s easier than just throwing on one piece and heading out the door!
  • 3 swimsuits- Multiple suits so you never have to put on a wet one! Also, who doesn’t love showing off a cute bikini at the beach? :)
  • 6 pairs of shoes- Basically my plan was just to bring 4 pairs of flip flops, but I realized I would need close-toed shoes with jeans, and brought a pair of heels to go with a dress if we went somewhere nice. All the shoes I brought were neutrals- black, white, gold, silver, and tan.

Keep reading for my outfit examples!

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Pinterest IRL- DIY Sugar Wax


Friends, I am a self-confessed Pinterest addict. So, it should come as no surprise that I’m constantly willing to try out the craziest of ideas for the sole purpose of attempting to make my life look like a Pinterest board.

My latest and (maybe not-so) greatest trial was the ever-elusive sugaring/sugar waxing. This idea appealed to me because every summer I go searching for the method that will keep my leg hair at bay the longest. I’ve tried the special exfoliants before shaving, which added maybe a day, and I’ve tried Nair and Veet, both of which I didn’t find to be worth the time and mess. So- waxing it is! Note that I’ve never waxed my legs before, so I’m interested to see how this turns out. Apparently sugar waxing is supposed to be less painful than regular wax, as it does a better job of just pulling hairs and not the top layer of skin.

There are two types of sugar wax; soft wax and hard wax. The soft wax works like any other wax, where it is a thick liquid that is warmed up, applied to the skin, has a fabric strip pressed to it, then ripped off against the direction of hair growth. Basically your standard wax with all-natural ingredients. The one I was interested to try was the hard wax. This method involved a different ratio of ingredients when it came to the recipe. This method also involved putting the wax on your skin and basically having it be solid enough to just grab and pull, no fabric needed. Interesting. So, let’s give it a try! Continue reading

Pretty Things- Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain

Alrighty, so I haven’t exactly been much of a beauty blogger in the past, but I tried something the other day that I just have to share! It’s not even a new product, I literally had just never tried them before and fell in love. They’re Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, and they’re magical. I bought one on a whim the other day in Lovesick, and immediately went back to the store the next day to get more! :)

So here’s the thing with these, it’s a balm, it’s a stain, it’s a magical hybrid. Like any other good lip balm, it’s moisturizing and light, which came as a surprise from the almost waxy texture. It’s also a stain, which are usually tend to dry out lips. Now, most stains I’ve used (I’m looking at you, Covergirl lip stains) come in more of a marker form, and kinda make me feel like I’m just rubbing a Crayola magic pen all over my face. Also, while the stain does last a good while, it’s difficult to get an even ‘spread’ once you put it on. Basically, if you’re like me and like to play with different lip colors in the morning before making a final decision, lip stains are not your friend. I was pleasantly surprised by how pigmented the colors were, especially considering the stain properties it has.

I don’t do lipsticks too often because I hate having to reapply at school, so normally I stick to colored lip glosses that I can just slick on easily without a mirror. I’d hate to be ‘that girl’ whose got her mirror and half a make-up kit out on her desk in the middle of class! Occasionally I’ll use a stain and a clear gloss over it, which doesn’t need too much touch-up during the day. That’s why these are the perfect combination of balm/stain for me! :) I currently have the colors Lovesick, an almost-fuschia hot pink, Sweetheart, a lighter, less intense pink, and Romantic, your all-around good-lookin orangey red. There are about 12 shades in all, and they’re available for about $8 at drugstores everywhere, so I definitely plan on getting more. For now, it’s my new favorite :)