Another Day, Another Nanny Objectified by Society

Celebrity Nanny Scandals| AKA: How to Tarnish and Alienate and Entire Profession|

Friends, I am enraged.

I know it may not seem like it just yet, but there are some seriously messed up things going on in the nanny world right now. As with any ‘organization’ I’ve been involved in, I’ve realized there are literally whole other worlds based on the hobby/sport/profession. I was a cheerleader for 9 years, and the other-worldliness of it all was all too real. There was competition between different teams (to be expected), the rise of ‘cheerlebrities’ like Peyton Mabry, and of course the entire subculture of cheer mom relationships.  Then there’s colorguard, which I participated in throughout high school and part of college. Regionally there are always the high schools with the better programs, and even beyond, there is such stress on auditioning and making the best Drum Corps International program. Well, friends, nannying is no different. There are dozens of nanny blogs, twitter accounts (#nannyprobs), and of course the ever-persistent problem of the general public having little to no clue about what a nanny really is.

So here’s the thing. I am a nanny. You know this. I am not a babysitter. By definition, a babysitter is someone who cares for children of multiple families on an occasional basis. Also, this conjures up images of the 15 year-old on your street who just needs some extra spending money, and can even be associated with ‘couch-sitting.’ A nanny, on the other hand, is a person who cares for children of one family (unless in the case of a nanny share), full-time, over an extended period of time (usually a few years). In short, being a nanny is a full-time job, while babysitting is not. I could write an entire new post on this subject alone, but I’m here about a very different unfairness. Continue reading


#nannylife- The Interview

Nannies, we all know it and dread it. Actually, I think everyone dreads them, not matter what the job. Yes friends, I’m talking about interviews. Oh those stressful events! I think the reason no one really liked interviews is basically you’re basically sitting in a room and being judged on whether or not you’re good enough for this job. So, your job as the interviewee is to convince your potential employer that you are not only the most qualified for the job, but you are the only person for this job. Easier said than done, am I right?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what your potential NF (Nanny Family) is looking for in a nanny? In a sea of CPR certified, over 18, crafting and games gurus, what is it about a nanny that makes a family choose her over someone else?

From my seat here with my laptop and my green tea (which it totally gross by the way, but is my sad attempt to be healthy), I am watching a family go through to process of hiring a summer nanny for their son and daughter. From here I  can hear the parent’s impressions and discussions as soon as the potential nanny leaves, and watch the nannies nervously explain their college goals while making it seem like they genuinely care for children. Continue reading

#nannylife- First Week in Review + Tummy Time Painting


I’ve done it! Although it’s officially been two weeks, since I’ve started, I’d still like to take a moment to reflect over how it’s been. First off, I’m so happy with my Nanny Family (NF). My charge is 3 months old, and honestly she as cute as could be. I’m so excited to spend my days reading stories, singing songs, helping with tummy time, and so much more! Originally, I was to be part of a nanny share with 3 families, and would have one main charge (3 mo), and the two others maybe one or two days a week. Now, that has come to a full-time nanny share of the original 3 month-old girl, and an adorable 2 month-old boy. For privacy reasons, from this point forward I will refer to them as G (girl, 3 months), and B (boy, 2 months). I couldn’t be happier about having two little charges! I can’t wait to start fun developmental activities, and help both children learn and grow through play. While right now I still have just G, B will become full-time in about 2 weeks.

In my second week, I had my first craft activity with G! Inspired of course by Pinterest, the activity focused on sensory play through colors and paint, and also worked in tummy time as well!


My inspiration came from this image on Pinterest, from a great site called Check out their post on tummy time painting here.  IMG_9048

First off, gather your supplies! I used Crayola Washable paints for ease, but in the future I would definitely use more paint! You’ll also need some paper, and a clear ziploc bag to put it all in. Continue reading

#nannylife- Mother’s Day Craft



Hello friends! As you know, I’ve been nannying with G now for almost a month, and am loving it! Though she’s only 3 months, I knew I wanted to make a small craft to give MB (Mom Boss) for Mother’s Day! G’s mom has been so wonderful to me from the very beginning, and I love knowing she has full confidence in me! I decided to do a take on the traditional handprint and turn it into a canvas painting MB would be able to hang in the house should she choose. Continue reading

Nanny Binder Cover

Long time, no post! Sorry friends, I’ve been super busy getting my stuff ready for my first day this week. But, I did want to take a quick second to show off a cover I made for my binder!

Coming soon: inside my binder’s organization! It’s got everything you need; child info, emergency contacts, lesson plans, developmental milestones, you name it! Be on the look out for that post coming soon!