Blog Revamp!!

Hello friends, new and old!

Today I begin a project that has long been overdue! I’ve been putting off blogging for over a year now, figuring that I should just give up. BUT, the blog ideas just kept flowing so now I have this long list of fun content to come :)

I realize beginning a revamp to my blog a year later is basically starting from zero once more. So why didn’t I do that? Well 1) I already am in love with my domain name, and 2) I plan to leave the contents of my blog as is. So everything; from me complaining about not having a Valentine at age 17, to stressing about getting into colleges will be left on my blog for any one of my new followers to see. Why? Because its my past, its very real, and I am not ashamed. Yes, I could start from square one, but if one of my followers would like to see the silly outfits I wore as a junior in high school, so be it. There was a time when I felt the need to post those things, and I’m not sure what kind of blogger I would be if I wasn’t transparent. Same thing goes for my YouTube channel, which I also plan on updating and making more regular additions to. All my high school singing solos and rants about high school drama will remain. Because, that’s still me. With my new blog/youtube comes not a new person, but simply a new focus. Or focuses.

My new blog will simply be an extension of what it was before and is likely to always be- a little bit of everything. I do have plans for more specific posts, namely those pertaining to my newest line of work and the mass amounts of knowledge I’ve gained from it, but I will definitely be focused on simply writing about what I love.

Until next time friends! I’m so excited to see where this takes me, and hope you come along for the ride :)


Tuesday, February 25th

Dear Stride Rite:Today I got to see the new store! I’m so excited to work in the new store, and looking towards the positive, stocking shelves gets me familiar with the product :) Dear Janie and Jack: Today was actually a pretty good day! Things weren’t overwhelmingly busy, but we still had a good day overall. Dear Psychology: I really really like you, and that’s probably 50% of the reason you’re getting done right now. Seriously, there’s so much reading I know I would hate it if I didn’t actually like psychology. Dear Jacob: Poor baby, I barely got to see you today! I saw you in the morning when we left for school, and not again until night! I’m still always so grateful to come home to you every day, and all I wanted to do was hug you when I got home. Thank you for understanding today was a long one, and being okay with PB&J for dinner :) I love you so much<3

Friday 1/10/14

Dear Janie and Jack: Thank you so much for this opportunity!! I’m so excited to start working there on Tuesday, and I know I’ll love working in the store. I was super nervous for the interview, but I’m super excited to start :) Dear Jacob: Today was so wonderful. Not because it was the most exciting day, because we did the most things, or went the most places. Nope, after my interview this morning we came home on this cold, rainy day and called it a movie day. We watched an episode of Band of Brothers, We’re the Millers, Iron Man 3, Spring Breakers, and Fast and Furious 6. I love just being with you. Dear Spring Breakers: You were one weird, terrible movie. Like, it was really weird. Dear Jake: Thank you for making dinner tonight baby! It was so cute watching you in the kitchen, determined to do everything yourself. Breakfast for dinner is always wonderful, and you make the best brinner. I love you so much<3


Wednesday, 1/8/14

I haven’t posted in almost a week because I’ve been so crazy busy with the move and getting ready for school. So last Saturday, it happened!! I packed up all my stuff, said a prayer, and drove myself to Austin at 5am to move into an apartment with my boyfriend, Jacob. We’ve been planning since November to move, and it almost came down to the last minute, since we both start school next Monday. We found the cutest little place in North Austin and now get to call it home :) The first couple of days were stressful, unpacking and trying to make everything feel like our own. Add the tons of cleaning that had to be done to the place and we were exhausted. We of course had to have a typical moving day meal, so we had pizza for dinner :) The next day we went to my aunt’s house in Austin where I had left some things when moving out of my dorm a few weeks ago. We piled everything into the car and got to unpack and carry everything up the stairs to our apartment. Yay -.- I had forgotten how much stuff I had. Seriously! So many craft supplies, school supplies, beauty products, cleaning supplies, decorations, bows, books, everything!! That being said, a lot of it was useful, like the cleaning supplies, power cords and extensions, a mini fan and lamp, mirrors, and extra toiletries. But then again there’s things like my dorm mini-fridge that I don’t know we’ll find a use for in the apartment. The thing I am most grateful for though, is plenty of kitchen supplies. From pots and pans to plates and silverware, cups and knives, mixing bowls, baking sheets, a toaster, blender, hand mixer, and cutting boards…. Thanks to the generosity of my family, we have a fully-stocked kitchen! My family has really been so amazing and supportive of my move, and I couldn’t be happier.

So with all that background of my last few days, here are today’s letters:

Dear Jacob: I love you so much. Nothing makes me happier than waking up knowing you’ll be with me every morning. I’ve loved every moment of being here with you so far, even though every moment wasn’t perfect (clogged drains, gross stoves, sketchy-sounding dishwashers, and a toilet that sounds like a ghost at 3am. I know, it freaked me out too) No, everything here is not perfect, and it probably never will be. What matters is that it’s ours :) Dear ACC: Going up to register is literally as miserable as the DPS. I’m horribly confused and just pray everything works out.

Thursday, 1/2/14

Dear Austin: Get ready, cause I’m comin for ya!! 2 more days :) Dear Jacob: I love you and miss you so much! I’m so happy to know that I’ll get to see you in just two short days. I hate feeling helpless here at home while you’re in Austin sick. Hang in there, and I’ll see you soon. Dear Grapevine: I’ll miss you dearly, I really will. As much as I love Austin, I know how much I’ll enjoy coming home to your quiet little corner of the metroplex. Dear Mom, Dad, and Alex: I will miss you all so much too! I sort of got used to being away during first semester, but things are going to be different this time. Jacob and I will still visit, and not just on holidays :) I love you all and can’t wait for the first time you visit me in Austin. Dear Love: You make me so happy. Beyond words even. All I know is that I’ve never been so excited for something. I’m excited for us to have our very own apartment and live together! I’m excited to continue to love you and grow with you in everything we have to come. I will love you always. See you on Saturday, darling<3