National Nanny Training Day 2016

Hey friends! Told you I’d be back :)

Today is another nanny-specific post, so if you enjoy those types of things, read on! If not…. well stick around for as long as you can anyway!

I learned about National Nanny Training Day about a week before the actual event, and was lucky enough to be able to make the trip on somewhat short notice. National Nanny Training Day is an event started and sponsored by Nannypalooza, one of the largest gatherings of nannies held each year. NNTD is also sponsored by HomeWork Solutions, a home employee payroll company. This year, the NNTD event for Texas was held in Dallas, and it worked out perfectly for me to be able to stay with my parents for the weekend to attend the training. This year, National Nanny Training Day held over 32 events across the nation. That’s a ton of nannies all getting together to learn! In fact, the number was close to 1150 nannies who are invested in their nannying career, how awesome!!

Each training event is different, so not every area learned the same things we did. Our session included; car seat safety taught by a CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician), an intro to Reggio Emilio taught by a local preschool director who had implemented the ideas into her school, “The Whole Book” approach, a method of reading developed by The Carle Museum and taught by a local librarian, and a intro to conscious discipline, and a discussion on  learning through art led by a local elementary school art teacher. Although none of the speakers were nannies themselves, have people with such specialized talents made it wonderful for us to learn from them.

There was plenty of time for snacks and breaks in between sessions, and most importantly, mingling with other Texas nannies! I was so happy to see that not only were there nannies from the DFW area, but other nannies had traveled from Austin, San Antonio, and Houston to come to this event. I was able to meet Jada, the creator of The Nanny Box, the first subscription box made just for nannies, and Stephanie, owner of Nanny Tees, an apparel site fully devoted to amazing nanny gear, from hats to mugs and even customized totes!

The best part of the training (besides of course, the training) was the opportunity to meet so many other nannies. I’m sure most people don’t realize, but nannying can be a very isolating job! Nannies usually spend 30-50 hour work weeks in the house, getting out maybe a few times a week for activities, and that’s if your family allows, and if your nanny kids are old enough. It’s hard to find strong nanny communities, and even harder to build them. Believe me, I’ve tried! I had two failed attempts at a Austin Nanny group, and the Austin area nannies are still trying to get it all figured out! Much of our interaction with other nannies comes from Facebook groups, so its hard to get a sense of friendship without meeting someone face-to-face. I was lucky enough to meet one of the girls I had connected with over Facebook at the Dallas NNTD event, and was so excited to finally meet her in person! Events like National Nanny Training Day made that happen for me, and continues to bring nannies together all over the nation, and even the world.

The nannies that attend these events are truly those who are committed to their work and what the absolute best for the children they care for, just like the parents! I’ve attached a link to this year’s NNTD flyer explaining why it’s beneficial to pay for their nanny’s trainings, and give them time off to travel if needed. Nothing is better for an employer than to show that their invested in their nanny’s continued education, especially since it directly affects their children. Show your nannies some love!

Have a great rest of your weekend friends, and I hope to see you back here soon!



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