I’m Here!

I’m not gone forever, friends!

Just an incredibly busy month. Jake and I moved into a new apartment, helped his parents move into a new apartment, I was out sick for almost a week, have a new job situation, traveled to Dallas, and of course just the whole mess that comes with getting settled into a new place.

Funny story about settling in: you never think about all the ‘stuff’ you need to make a home. Sure we have a bed and a couch, tv, pots, pans, a table, things like that. But it’s all those ‘little things’ that you don’t ever think about buying, but when you’re starting over in a new place, you need to! Things like plastic sandwich bags, mustard, and basic spices. Friends, I started to make dinner on one of our first nights at home, and I literally had to stop halfway through because I realized we had no salt or pepper. The little things, friends.

I have lots to catch you up on, and that time will come eventually! Just about a week ago I attended a National Nanny Training Day event in Dallas, and along with about 35 other nannies, learned so much about car seat safety, Reggio Emilio, the ‘Whole Book’ approach to reading, and so much more! Beyond an excellent day of learning, I got to meet and mingle with nannies from all over Texas, and made some great new friends!

Oh, and my work situation! As you know, I nannied for two little ones, Sweet Girl (15 months) and Sweet Boy (14 months). I know, I know, how original on the nicknames. Hey, they happened organically, and that’s what matters. So Sweet Boy is now at a preschool, and I have a new itty bitty to take care of! Really, itty bitty! My new Little Man is only 3 months old! It’s so crazy to think that’s how old both SG and SB were when I started caring for them. So now I’ve got SG, 15 months, and LM, 3 months, and I am on a steep learning curve. Babies? Cool, I gotcha. Toddlers? I’m still learning. Put them together? Well, let’s just say I’ve been passing out at about 9pm every night because it’s exhausting. I love it though. It’s so fun to see SG in kind of an older, big sister-y role. And there’s just nothing better than baby giggles and laughs :)

Look out for more regular posts coming back soon, I promise! It just seems like every Saturday morning (my usual blogging time) has been overrun with all this stuff that I have to get done. Good stuff, of course, but just things getting in the way of my time here.

Next planned post is a better summary of my time at NNTD, and what every nanny can benefit from being active in her nanny community. Also, hopefully sometime soon I can put together a toddler meal plan to share. I didn’t think it would be so hard to come up with exciting, different meals for a 15 month-old! Pinterest, come to my rescue!

Alrighty, wrapping it up. Hope to see you back here soon!


2 thoughts on “I’m Here!

  1. Hey, Alyssa!

    It’s really crazy how many thing you can lose when moving, and how many things you can forget to buy as well. LOL.

    I actually plan on moving to Austin Texas in about 2 months. It’s great to hear there’s a community of Nannies in the state. I’d love to connect with you and the others!

    As for taking care of 2 children, it really is exhausting, but have no worries, you’ll get used to it soon!

    The good thing about that is you live in a state where the weather is more pleasant that that of NYC. Imagine working with kids that age and the very difficult journeys to the library on a freezing, cold, snowy day? LOL. NO FUN!

    Looking forward to reading what you’ve learned at the NNTD. :)


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