Decrypting the ‘Nanny Code’

Hey friends! Another nanny post today because I’m a nanny and love kids and stuff. So, there are tons of nanny facebook groups and twitter pages. And when nannies post in these groups (for advice, to vent, etc.), they use lots of abbreviations when talking about nanny-specific things. This post is mainly because I’m tired of explaining and re-explaining what all these terms mean to newbie nannies, plus maybe other people would be interested to take a peek into the secret lives of nannies. Ha! So here goes. The master list of nanny abbreviations!

Here are some of the most common:

  • MB- Mom Boss, pretty self-explanatory
  • DB- Dad Boss, see above
  • NK- Nanny Kid, the children in your care
  • G3, B12mos, etc.- Girl, 3 years old, Boy, 12 months old. Used to denote gender and age of your nanny kids
  • LO- Little One
  • Charge- Not an acronym, but a decidedly British term for the children you care for
  • NF- Nanny Family
  • SAHM- Stay at Home Mom
  • SAHD- Stay at Home Dad
  • WAHM- Work at Home Mom, from what I’ve heard- hard to work for! Either nannies can deal with it or they can’t. For some, it’s a dealbreaker (me!), but other have no problem with parents being in and out during the day.
  • WAHD- Work at Home Dad, see above
  • PT/FT- Part Time/Full Time, denotes how many hours you work per week. Full time is typically 40 hours and above, over 5 days per week.
  • PTO- Paid Time Off, a hot topic of nannies and their employers!
  • GH- Guaranteed Hours, a way for nannies to ‘guarantee’ their pay each week. Unlike salary (which is illegal for nannies, btw! We are hourly employees), guaranteed hours basically says that if no matter if the family ends up not needing the nanny, she will be paid a minimum of X amount of hours. New post about this coming soon!
  • NNRW- National Nanny Recognition Week, a special time once a year to recognize nannies for all their hard work! For 2016, NNRW is Sept 18-24.

Nanny Posts

  • NNR- Not Nanny Related, used to preface a post that’s a general question
  • OT- Off Topic, used interchangeably with NNR
  • NCT- Nanny Care Tribe, possibly the biggest/most common nanny Facebook group
  • N S&A- Nanny Support & Advice, another large Facebook community
  • WWYD- What Would You Do?, usually used in posts seeking advice
  • TIA- Thanks in Advance
  • OP- Original Poster, the person who started the conversation thread
  • ETA- Edited to Add, used when a poster edits/modifies a post for clarity
  • FWIW- For What It’s Worth
  • IM(H)O- In My (Honest) Opinion
  • BST- Buy/Sell/Trade, for nannies to share their favorite products, nanny-related or not!
  • LLR- LuLaRoe, a brand of clothing that makes the BEST leggings you will ever find. Nannies are pretty much obsessed with them, because leggings are great for running after little kids, and they come in hundreds of super cute patterns!
  • PM/DM- Private Message/Direct Message, using Facebook messenger to communicate rather than through comments on a thread


  • CIO- Cry It Out, bring up this topic at your own discretion! Confrontation/controversy awaits!!
  • BLW- Baby Led Weaning, a method of feeding solids
  • BF- Breastfed
  • EBF- Exclusively Breastfed, specified because some BF babies are also supplemented with formula
  • BM- Breast Milk
  • BM- Bowel Movement (Yes they’re the same! Context clues, people!)
  • BW- Baby Wearing, the use of a Tula, Moby, Solly, or other type of wrap/baby carrier
  • AP- Attachment Parenting

So there you have it friends! A sneak peek into the lives of nannies connecting online. Silly little post today, but I hope you’ve enjoyed! See you here next week :)


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