This is so important…

Hey friends. Yes, I’m early on my post for this week. Today’s topic just could not wait.

As you know, I’m in the midst of becoming a postpartum doula in the hopes of owning my own postpartum service. This didn’t come about easily. I am lucky, and unique in that it didn’t take me very long to figure out that my calling was not in fact education, but caregiving. I knew that I loved caring for others, and realized that I could do so better in the comfort of people’s homes, rather than a classroom. I finally figured out what my gift to the Universe is, and I couldn’t be more excited to begin living my life of purpose and passion.

But not everyone can say that. Not everyone is so lucky. So I HAD to share this with you all today.

Bit of a lengthy video, but I love his message around the 4 minute mark. Look beyond the fact that this is Steve Harvey and listen to the very important message about living in your gift.
Everyone has a ‘gift’, no matter how obscure it seems. The people who find the most success and happiness? Those are the people who have not only discovered their gift, but are LIVING it.
But how do you go about living your gift, living a life of passion and purpose, rather than just existing?
You need to JUMP. Take that risk. Start that business. Invest in yourself.
You will fall. You will fail. You will be discouraged and never want to get back up. BUT, when you are striving to live a life of purpose, when you are living your best version of yourself, there is no way you CAN’T succeed eventually. Your gift is what you were born to do, the gift that you were meant to share with the world. Give to the world, and the world gives back,
Your gift always has room for you. Find your gift. Gather your courage. JUMP, fall, then watch your parachute open, and live the life you were always meant to.

Leave me your thoughts!

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