It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends! Apologies for my hiatus, I think I overwhelmed myself with the one-blog-a-day challenge, and just needed to take a break. Although I am so so grateful to every one of my subscribers, in reality I feel no ‘need’ to blog. I blog for me, about what I want, and when I want. And if that sounds mean or selfish I apologize, but the reality is that no good comes out of me needlessly stressing. If my blog was bigger, or was a source of income for me, it’d be different. But for now, blogging is my hobby that I share with you all.

Now, apologies and explanations aside, I’m back! I feel like I’m in a much better place to begin blogging regularly again! I also hope to bring in something new this time around- YouTube videos! You’ll be able to find them on my YouTube channel if you’d like to subscribe there, but more than likely I will also post them here for ease of sharing :)

My first topic for videos is one of those ‘What’s in My Purse?’ YouTube videos, with a twist! As I am the proud new owner of a Vera Bradley messenger baby bag, I’ll be doing a ‘What’s In My Diaper Bag?’ video explaining how I manage to lug it all around when I take 10 month-old G and 9 month-old B on outings. I did a lot of research on what diaper bags moms liked for working with twins, since my NannyKids are so close in age, and both in diapers. I’ll be talking about some of the pros and cons I found in each, as well as my reasoning for choosing the Vera Bradley bag that I did.

I’m also so excited to share an update on my postpartum doula certification! The first weekend of November I traveled to San Antonio for a 27-hour intensive workshop, and I had the BEST time. As soon as the workshop began I was certain that this is what I wanted to do. Every topic interested me, and the longer the workshop went on, the more prepared I felt for working as a postpartum doula myself! In order to earn certification, I must complete 3 ‘trial’ days with clients. Essentially I’ll be working at a reduced rate in order to gain experience. Over Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to complete one of those trial days with one of my good friends from high school. It was so satisfying to be able to talk with her and help her with all her baby needs! I’m so happy to be finding more confidence in my career choice with every turn.

I took a break for the betterment of my stress levels, but I’m back and ready to go, friends! This was sort of a short post of what’s to come, but soon I’ll be back with that diaper bag video! I can’t wait! I’m so full of ideas and excited about blogging again, and I know that things can only get better from here :) Until next time, friends!


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