Favorite Chldhood Memories- Day Thirteen

Hi friends! Another day of playing catch-up for me! Today’s topic is of my favorite childhood memories. I mentioned one of these favorite memories to my mom the other day, and looking back on it realized that it was a huge example of just how much my parents really, really loved me.

The first memory that comes to mind is when I was obsessed with painting my nails. And not just with having any solid-colored nails either. Nope, I had somehow acquired a book of nail art designs and proceeded to paint my nails with moon and star designs, rainbows and butterflies. I realized that some of these designs were too complex to do on my own, and would often try to enlist the help of my parents. One night in particular, I somehow got both my mom and my dad to stay up until about 10:30 painting this ‘boat scene’ on my nails. Both of them were using tiny little nail brushes and toothpicks to paint the details, and my nails came out gorgeously. Also related to this memory, when I was much younger my dad used to blow-dry my hair for me at night so I didn’t have to sleep with it wet. On one particular night I also needed to get my nails trimmed, so after taking a shower, I was in my pajamas and a fluffy robe, standing at the bathroom counter while my dad blow-dried my hair and my mom cut my nails. I felt like a princess. This isn’t my photo, but it was scarily similar to what was painted on my nails that night! Lots of time and detail spent on painting a 9 year-old’s nails. Guess my parents must love me or something ;)I have tons of other favorites, of course, but much too many to write in detail here. How about some highlights?

  • The first time I felt so dizzy I thought I would throw up. We were celebrating my First Communion with a backyard party. I spun round and around in the swing by twisting the ropes, hopping on, and letting it untwist super fast. When I stood up the trees above me were spinning, and I remember praying not to throw up all over my white dress!
  • Holding hands with my first boyfriend in 4th grade. We were on our way to Sky Ranch, a 3-day sleep-away camp through our school to learn about nature and such. We held hands for the first time on the bus ride over, and I remember putting my sweater over our hands in between us for fear of getting in trouble with the adults. Yup, that was love in 4th grade. Also on that same trip my boyfriend, Forrest, bought me a root beer float with his own money and I was basically convinced we would get married.
  • ‘Hurricane Alex’ My little brother’s favorite pastime at 3-4 years old was walking through the grocery store aisles with his arms flailing around, effectively knocking every single box of cereal on the shelf onto the floor. Also related; taking little Lego figurines into groceries stores and having them walk along the shelves, and jump from shelf to shelf across aisles.
  • Feeling very grown up and getting Starbucks before every cheer competition. I’m sure my mom needed it more than me, but of course 13 year-old me felt very adult-like ordering a caramel macchiato at 5:30am!
  • Every moment spent cheerleading, singing, or in colorguard.

There are so many happy, wonderful memories, and I’m so grateful. I’ve been especially sentimental lately, maybe because I know one day when I’ve been married to Jacob for 20 years it’ll be fun to think about these first few years, but I’ve taken to saving little momentos from our time together. Like our wristbands from ACL, tickets to a few of the concerts we’ve been to, and of course lots of photos. It’ll be fun in 2030 to look back at our time together in 2015! I’m so excited to have him by my side to make so many new memories!

What is one of your favorite childhood memories? Was it getting ice cream on Sundays? Maybe a bedtime story every night? Share with me here, and I hope to see you here again soon!


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