7 Lessons I’ve Learned This Year- Day Seven

Hi friends! Today’s prompt is 7 lessons I’ve learned this year. Well friends, I’ve learned lots in 2015 so far! Here are the top 7:

  • Protect Your Passion- This year more than ever I’ve realized how lucky I am to have found my passion so early. I know exactly what I want to do with my life. and I’m excited to be taking steps toward it. No longer do I ashamedly say I’m ‘just a nanny.’ I am the owner and founder of The Newly Born Mother, an Austin-based postpartum care service.
  • Accept Help When You Need It- Pretty self-explanatory. This time last year I was a little too proud for my own good, and ended up struggling on my own because of it. I’ve always found that people are more than willing help if you ask, and there’s no shame in doing so.
  • I Am A Great Caregiver- Another biggie. This time last year I worked in a preschool in the infant room, and of course being the youngest person hired by the school gave a boost to my self-confidence. This year I’ve begun nannying and in the meantime have taken on several families for date-night sitting, and am always so pleased to know that they think I’ve done well! It wasn’t until now that I realized my natural caregiving abilities are something that is really special. I’ve always found caring for children to be easy and enjoyable, but now I am more confident in my ability to handle all sorts of children, and to do so well.

  • Love grows and grows- Friends, I have been lucky in love for almost two years now. At only 20 and 22 years old, neither Jacob nor I have had a relationship last this long. I have been so incredibly blessed to have Jake by my side these last two years, and I am so proud to see that our relationship has continued to change and grow, and become something even deeper.
  • Find a signature scent- Coach Poppy love! I thought I had a ‘signature’ scent before wearing this perfume. For years since high school I wore Pink Sugar by Aquolina. It’s a sugar-y cotton candy-smelling perfume that was perfect for high school days, but now I find it too sweet now. I’m in love with Poppy by Coach and am constantly receiving compliments on it!
  • I’m Not Great at Selling- This past year I’ve taken up painting and love creating new pieces on canvas. Problem is, these canvases keep piling up in my house, and I need to get rid of them, which is why I created my Etsy shop. Aaaand I’ve only sold one piece. I’m good at painting, not too great at selling!
  • I Need Time for Me- Friends, it’s exciting to see tons of new messages on Care.com every few days. It’s satisfying to know that parents find me trustworthy, and it makes me feel good when parents reach out for babysitting. But, it’s so easy to get burned out! I love caring for kids, of course, and because I’m also terrible at saying no, I started a bad habit of filling up my entire weekends with babysitting gigs, much to my boyfriend’s dismay. My new rule is that I only allow myself to babysit one night per weekend, on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Another recent addition to the rule is one of my oldest ideals ‘my time is worth more than my money.’ This still rings true, and honestly I would rather spend time watching Netflix and decompressing with Jacob than driving out to someone’s house, watching the kids, then driving all the way back home at night, all for $45. My newest limitation to taking on babysitting gigs is making sure the hours will add up to as close to $100 as possible. Want me to watch your kid for two hours on a Tuesday? Sorry friend, snuggling up with Jacob and watching Ink Master is worth more to me than $30. #sorrynotsorry

Well, looking at it now, maybe number seven should’ve been number one. I guess overall the theme of what I’ve learned this year is to value myself and my time more. I was insecure before, but now I am more confident than ever. I’m worth it. I deserve every happiness that comes my way because I work hard to get what I want. Positive thoughts friends :) What are some things 2015 has taught you so far?  Let me know in the comments, and see you back here tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “7 Lessons I’ve Learned This Year- Day Seven

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  2. Thanks for sharing your growth. I love to see someone so young with so much insight, you are truly blessed. Realizing your self worth and being proud of what you love to do are great lessons to learn while young. It took me a bit longer, okay a decade longer than you, but I’ve finally came to the same conclusions and it has been liberating.

    • Hmm maybe not a lesson, but something I’ve learned this year. My point was to show the transition from wearing what seemed like a ‘little girly’ cotton-candy perfume to something that suits my life better now.

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