Don’t Poke Me- Day Six

Hi friends! Today’s blog post prompt of the day is six of your pet peeves. Just follow these simple steps and we can be friends:

  1. Don’t Poke Me- I absolutely hate when people tap me as a way to get my attention. When people go tap tap tap on my shoulder, it literally gives me anxiety. My heart races, my breath shortens, and all I can think is that whatever you have to tell me better be so important. Oh, you just wanted me to tell you what time it is? Then don’t tap tap tap me like the world is ending ohmygod you almost gave me a heart attack stop it. Stop it! DON’T POKE ME.
  2. Ignorant People- Conservative Republicans are the worst offenders of this bunch. Like, are you aware that your views make you seem like you don’t care about anyone but yourself and your money and your religion?
  3. Don’t Touch My Feet- I read somewhere that this is a preemie thing. That babies born prematurely had blood drawn from their feet in the NICU, and that’s why they’re particularly sensitive. Mine are both sensitive and particular ticklish. Someone’s hands hovering above my feet gives me this weird feeling of anticipation. Pedicures are the worst for me, and massage therapists have to be reminded- NO FEET.
  4. Don’t Click/Tap/Drum Your Pen/Pencil- Jacob used to be the worst about it when we studied together. Now he goes to all his TA’s study sessions, so its not my problem anymore, woo!
  5. Don’t Chew With Your Mouth Open- This is gross and everyone knows it. Stop it. STOP IT.
  6. Don’t Put Me Down- Don’t dare tell me that nannying isn’t a ‘real’ job. Don’t think I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Don’t ever doubt me, and we’ll be fine.

What are your pet peeves, friends? Let me know!


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