Top 5 Favorite Movies- Day Five

 Hi friends! Yep, two posts in one day because ACL Fest was crazy busy! Also, although I love that I can blog from my phone, I was saving my precious battery life for taking pics of all the wonderful artists I was lucky enough to see! Today’s prompt was on my 5 favorite movies! I’m always more than happy to share, so here we go:

Grease– Yep. This 1978 musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is my absolute favorite movie!! I actually think this was an inherited favorite, as it’s also one of my Dad’s favorite movies, so I grew up watching it almost every time it happened to come on tv. I have most of the lines memorized by now, and have known all the songs by heart for years. It got even better once I grew up, because I was able to recognize all the ‘hidden’ dirty jokes!

The Great Gatsby– Ahh, my Leo! I was in love with this book after reading it junior year of high school, and was absolutely ecstatic when the newest movie came out in 2013. That being said, the movie does not at all live up to the book. The book is much more of a cynical view of the rich and affluent of New York City at the time, while the movie focuses on the glitz and glamour of Gatsby and Daisy’s tragic love story. But, I do love the move on it’s own. It’s a great story, and there’s really nothing better than all the wonderful 20’s fashion that takes place in the movie, and the soundtrack is one of my favorites as well. Yes I buy movie soundtracks! Another one of my favorites soundtracks is Guardians of the Galaxy, followed by The Wedding Singer, and Tangled. Oh, not the right place for this list? Right. Moving along…

This is 40– Having been 17 when this movie came out, I have no idea why I’m so obsessed with it. It’s just one of those movies that Jake and I always end up watching the entirety of when we catch it on tv. One day we wanted to watch it and it wasn’t on, so we bought it. It’s a kind-of sequel to Knocked Up, and features Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, who basically just struggle at turning 40 and all that it comes with. Whether you’re 40 or not, their relationship is entirely relatable, and maybe that’s why Jake and I love it so much. It’s real, ya’ll.

Almost Famous– Fun fact: I just saw this movie this year! Jacob’s my movie guru and knew I would like this movie, despite my skepticism. Despite having been out for more than 15 years, this movie with Kate Hudson stole my heart just a few short months ago. A great story about a kid following his dreams to write about music, I was obviously most fascinated with the ever-elusive Penny Lane. I seriously wish I was as cool as her. Not even like traveling and basically being a groupie (or Band Aids, as they liked to be called), but just having the confidence that Penny Lane exuded throughout the entire movie. Definitely one of my absolute favorites!

Uptown Girls– Again, a random older movie staring the late Brittany Murphy and baby Dakota Fanning. It was released in 2003, when I was still only in about 2nd or 3rd grade, so I’m still not sure how I stumbled upon this movie. It’s a story of the daughter of a former rock star turned penniless years after her parents passed away. She’s in New York, all alone, and ends up being a nanny for the aggressively Type-A Dakota Fanning. It’s a great story of growing up, and changing and adapting, as eventually Ray (Dakota Fanning) relaxes a bit into a ‘normal’ child, and Molly (Brittany Murphy) realizes that at 22 years old, she needs to start getting her life together. Great movie, and the ending always leaves me in tears, its seriously so sweet!

  • There they are, my top 5 favorite movies! See you back here again tomorrow!

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