Behind Alyssa Racquel- Day Four

 Hey friends! Today’s prompt is to tell the story behind my blog name. This one is a little silly for me, but here goes.

Alyssa Racquel. Alright, pretty simple. It’s my name, first and middle. Why not my last name? Because the internet is scary and when I started this blog I was maybe 16, and didn’t feel the need to put the risk out there. Plus, when I get married, it won’t become obsolete as a name! I chose to go with Alyssa Racquel as a name rather than a ‘true’ blog name because, at the time, I didn’t really have a niche for my blog. As a matter of fact, I still don’t! I still don’t really blog about just one thing. If I would name my blog anything, it would maybe be ‘ATXNanny’ or maybe ‘A Tiny Piece of Me’ or ‘Craft, Eat, Nanny.’ I don’t know. To me, there really is no better way to describe my blog than ‘a little bit of everything.’ And that’s wonderful, because I’m just as in love with my blog name now as I was when I began.

See, my blog is named after me, because my blog is just like me. My blog is me. I am a person with different interest and likes, lots of hobbies and pastimes. I’m not a fashion blogger, because I love clothes, but also love other things. I’m not great at couponing or saving money, so that’s not a great focus for my blog either. I love crafting, but don’t do it often enough to create a blog around it. My blog is me, and I can’t wait to look back on all these posts and really see how I’ve evolved not just as a blogger, but as a person. I envy other blogs that have a passion and purpose; a sole focus for their blogging energy. But that’s not me. And I will never try to make that be me. Alyssa Racquel is who I am, and who I’ll remain.

The number one rule to blogging is to find your niche. Apparently this is the only way to gain followers, the only reliable way to make sure that people have an interest in what you’re saying- write to their interests. I write for my own interests. Everything I write is for me, from me. I’m not hurt if you don’t want to keep up with my rambling posts. But I’d like to think I’m an interesting person, and that I’m doing an okay job navigating this crazy thing called Life. If you think so too, then follow along. There’s a little bit of everything<3


Leave me your thoughts!

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