100 Words- Happiness


Hey friends! Something new and different today. I’ll be starting a mini-series just to work on my writing a bit. I’m challenging myself to describe a series of words in 100 words or less. Thinking about it off-hand, 100 words seems like plenty of room, but writers know this is barely a complete paragraph. Today’s word is Happiness. Without further ado, my definition in 100 words.

Happiness. Looking up at the clear blue sky and watching the clouds move past. Seeing a loved one’s face for the first time in a while. The smell of coffee. Sitting down to a home-cooked meal. Honeysuckles growing over fences. Having someone you love play with your hair. Freshly washed sheets. Putting on clothes straight from the dryer. 80 degree weather. Closing your eyes and feeling sand under your toes and the ocean gently washing up over your feet. A baby’s laugh. That fluttery feeling when you realize someone likes you as more than a friend. Being proud of some one else.

Take 100 words and describe happy today. The challenge with this one was to try not to just list things that make me happy, but to take experiences and break down the feelings it gave me to describe the feeling of happiness. Does that make sense? I’m confusing myself here. I’m not entirely please with my definition, but it was the best I feel I could do in 100 words. It’s a fun writing challenge, and that’s really the point. Short post today I know, but I hope you enjoyed all the same, and hope to see you here again soon!


2 thoughts on “100 Words- Happiness

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  2. Love it! Here’s my version. I’ll link to you on my blog at http://www.fridayforgood.com.
    Happiness in 100 words or less, free form… poetry:

    T-Shirt weather
    Fluttering leaves.
    Speckled Shade
    Exploring. Adventuring.
    Strong, rugged, sweaty,
    Feeling alive. Full.
    Mountain bike tires making crunching noises,
    Lover’s back wheel visible ahead.
    Quads on fire.
    Lungs burning.
    Fast. Flying.
    Hint of Danger
    Smell of wood, wet, leaves
    Wind in my face
    Heart on the wing
    Nature’s song
    Soul’s music
    Singing aloud
    Heart strong
    Head Clear
    Eyes dancing
    His grin
    The lean
    Electricity Unleashed

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