Laci Green: Sex Ed Hero

Hey friends!

So as I’m sure (or hope!) you know, I am very honest and open when it comes to my sex life. I have been lucky enough to always be able to have open, honest, conversations with my parents about sex and relationships, and it’s never been something that I’ve been ashamed to talk about. One of my favorite YouTubers is Laci Green, a sex educator who makes the best videos about seemingly embarrassing things, in a totally normalized way. Her Sex+ series focuses on sexual health, birth control, and relationships in a way that’s not awkward at all for viewers to watch, and each video is chock full of great information. More recently, she’s teamed up with Planned Parenthood (side note: Whaaat? Planned Parenthood does more than abortions?! Yeah. Shocker.) to offer up even more great advice and information on several types of birth control. Please, please, please go check out her channel if you haven’t yet! You can find her full channel here. I do have some favorite videos of hers though, including this one on the concept of virginity and losing the ‘dirty’ stigma around it,

and this one on the super important topic of abstinence-only education in schools (something I was unfortunate enough to experience first-hand in high school)

and a video just for fun about the sticky on semen.

Basically she’s just awesome all around. If there was anywhere on the internet where I would actually recommend teens go for sex advice, it’s her! As it may have become very obvious in this post, I wanted to address the fact that I am in no way shy about my views on this sort of thing. Like I said, I had to unfortunate experience of living through abstinence-only ‘sex-ed’ in high school, so that video really resonates with me. Hey, if abstinence is your thing, you do you. I’m not here saying that abstinence itself is wrong, or that anyone who practices it, for religious reasons or otherwise, is wrong. I’m just saying it would’ve been cool if programs that were paid for by the school (aka PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS) were more like, “Hey, the safest way to prevent pregnancy and STIs/STDs is actually no sex. But because this thing called reality exists, here’s how to actually have safe sex.” instead of “Nope nope nope no sex til marriage no sex is best sex here are some pictures of nasty nasty STDs that we don’t tell you how to prevent in case you do have sex nope nope nope abstinence only we like to ignore reality here!” I’m paraphrasing, obviously. It’s now apparent to me that I have a lot more to say on this topic than I originally thought, so we’re gonna save that for another time and rope it back in to Laci Green.

If you don’t get a chance to check out her full channel, at least watch the videos I’ve included as a starting point to the wonderful world of Laci Green. A bit of an odd post today, but I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful rest of your day, friends, and I hope to see you here again soon!


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