#nannylife- Infant Daily Logs

Hey friends! So today here’s a quick #nannylife guide to how I keep B and G’s schedule organized. I say ‘schedule’ but I really mean more of a daily routine. I love this method of keeping track of bottle feedings, solids, diapers, and naps because it allows everything to be spread out and read easier versus a simple time log.

I cannot stress enough how important I feel it is for nannies to have some sort of daily log on what happened that day. Maybe less so as children get older, but for children under a year old, there should definitely be some sort of log in place. As babies grow, their feeding habits change tremendously fast. If you’re aiming for 3 hours in between feedings, but notice that your little one only makes it about 2 and a half hours before getting fussy, you’ll know it’s time to up the bottles. If little one hasn’t had a bm since the night before, and doesn’t have one all day, the parents are aware, so they can keep an eye out for possible constipation (fairly common when babies first begin solids). Any medications given throughout the day should also be noted, with the time and dosage given. In addition, I like to keep an area at the bottom open for ‘what we did today’ where I can log fun activities, things B or G liked/disliked, and make extra notes about any supplies that might be needed.

Before I share a sample of their daily logs, I wanted to share our typical schedule and how I get my pages set up. When working in the preschool, we had this format printed on a half sheet of paper with room at the top for parents to note how the night was, the last time the child ate, etc.. With nannying, it’s much easier to simply talk about how the night before went, since I’m not doing with the hustle and bustle of 10 drop-offs while trying to get breakfast to the babies already there. As far as the last time they ate, if for some reason it doesn’t get discussed, I can always refer back to either of the apps MB1 and MB2 use to track B and G’s daily activities. More on these in a future post!

A typical day for B and G:

  • 9am- First bottle
  • 10-11am- Morning nap
  • 11:30am- Lunch (solids)
  • 12pm- Lunch bottles
  • 2-3pm- Afternoon nap
  • 3pm- Last bottle

As you can see, everything is basically in 3 hour increments. When the little ones start eating more solids, we’ll add in a small solid breakfast around 8:30am, 3 hours before lunch at 11:30. Bottles are 3 hours apart, and the babies are awake for 3 hours in between naps. I set up my daily log with those four categories in mind- Bottles, Naps, Diapers, and Solids.


Here are two filled-out examples. The bracket notes that it was the same bottle from earlier in the morning that B was finishing up. His schedule was a little off that morning, but we were able to get back on track by afternoon. Also, since B drinks both breastmilk and formula, I note which each bottle was with either a ‘b’ or an ‘f’.IMG_0045


Rather than printing tons of these daily logs, I chose to write each day by hand in a journal to save paper and keep things organized. G has the gray and purple journal, and B has the green journal. These are much more convenient to throw in a diaper bag and transport between houses than tons of loose papers!


I also love the journals because it keeps all the past logs in one place as well. It’s interesting to go back and look at past dates and read about their accomplishments. I can go back and look a the exact day G started rolling over, or the first time B sat up on his own, and so can the parents. You end up with lots of pages to look back for memories, or simply just to remember how much the little ones were drinking in each bottle last week. Also, I love using tons of different colored pens to make things more fun!

Colorful pages make it all more fun!

Colorful pages make it all more fun!

That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed a quick little blurb about some nanny organization. Be on the lookout for my infant daily log app reviews coming soon! Until then, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and I hope to see you all here again soon!


2 thoughts on “#nannylife- Infant Daily Logs

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  2. I love nanny logs. “My” kiddos are getting a little too old for the daily logs, but I’ve advocated using them to newborn and infant parents who didn’t use them before. At first they look at me like I’m crazy, but then the mom usually ends up saying how much better she feels after being at work all day. She knows exactly what happened and when!

    Lovin’ your blog, keep up the good work! Maybe you can check mine out? http://www.howtobeasupernanny.com

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