#nannylife- A Day in the Life

 Hey friends! I thought it might be fun to give you an inside peak of what my days look like/silence all the people who ask, ‘what do you do all day?’ So here it is, a typical day in the life of the ever-elusive Alyssa Racquel. Just kidding. I get toothpaste on my clothes every morning just like the rest of the world.

7:15– Wake up, attempt to straighten hair and pick out a decent outfit. Give up on my hair. I always end up with the same crazy waves after going to bed with my hair wet after a shower. I don’t mind showering in the mornings, but lately its been way too hot to be blow-drying my hair in the mornings. Throw hair in a ponytail. Again. Pack lunch, fill up water bottle, pick an extra snack to bring to work that day.

8:00– Head to work, breakfast in tow (Strawberry toaster waffles w/peanut butter, and sliced strawberries if I somehow found the time) Try not to get peanut butter on any part of my car, bag, phone or shirt. This is a legitimate daily struggle.

8:30– Arrive at work. Wash hands upon arrival, greet everyone and start a new day in B and G’s daily journals. I love this system of keeping track of daily routines and communicating with MB1 and MB2. You can read more about my system here.

9:00– First bottle of the day for B and G! Both are getting the concept of holding the bottles on their own propped up on a Boppy/pillow, but of course always need some help now and again.

9:15ish-9:30– Get B and G set up for some independent play while I wash bottles/write down how many oz each of them drank. Remember how grateful I am that they can both basically sit up on themselves. When I see G faceplant on a book, remember not to gasp or freak her out. No negative reaction= no crying! Wash hands.

9:30– First diaper check of the day. Wash hands. Don’t ask me why I have these diaper checks semi-scheduled as well.It just works well with our schedule. Hope I don’t get peed on. *crosses fingers* Lately G has taken to peeing the exact moment I’m putting diaper cream on her after getting a bm cleaned up. I swear she plans it ;)

9:40ish-9:55– Depending on how fussy/tired the babies are, this time will be cut a little shorter, but most days I like to read/listen to some classical music before nap to help wind them down a bit.

9:55– Get B and G in their sleep sacks, pacifiers for both, and in their respective nap areas. Guys, being able to let them sleep on their stomachs has made a world of difference! G’s been rolling over to sleep on her tummy for a while now, but now that B can easily roll from both back to front and front to back, I feel more comfortable putting him to nap on his stomach. As a result he’s been able to stretch his morning nap by 30 minutes. Woo!!

9:57– Intently listen for B to cry downstairs/watch G on the monitor. They babble for a bit and whimper some. ‘Let them self-soothe,’ I remind myself. After maybe 3-4 minutes of noise, they usually go down on their own without too much of a fight. Another huge success from just a few short months ago :) #nannywin

10:00-11:00– Naptime! Eat a snack, catch up on e-mails/facebook/twitter. Contemplate taking a nap, then end up spending 45 minutes on my phone before I realize it. By the time I think about taking a nap again, it’s 10:50 and the babies will wake up soon. Another missed opportunity! Remember to use the restroom before B and G wake up. I always sound like my mom on a road trip around this time. ‘But I don’t have to go!’ ‘At least try, Alyssa’ In all fairness, I’m usually glad I did.

11:00– Since B and G and wonderful sleepers, I usually end up having to wake both of them up after nap hour is over. I smile at their tiny yawns and sleepy faces, and change them into fresh diapers. Wash hands.

11:05-11:30– Put on some peppy/happy music to wake up and get groovin’ again. I’ve been really into 60s sunshine pop lately, but classic Disney is always wonderful! B and G are usually in their best moods right after waking up, so we try to get some tummy time in. Now that they can roll over at will, it’s hard to keep them on their tummies! Usually if I’m laying on my stomach with them I can keep their attention on a book to work those tummy muscles. Won’t be long before these little ones are crawling!

11:30– Lunchtime! Wash hands and put my hair in a ponytail (if it’s not already). B prefers lunch cold, G prefers it warm. I prefer not to contaminate an entire jar of food with germs from their mouths, so I scoop out 1/2 a jar each into bowls and get them settled into their high chairs. Start off with water, helping them hold their sippy cups and resisting the urge to just hold it for them! B gets mad he can’t get any water, so I give in and hold it for him XD I’ve got a yogurt for myself, figuring it’s good for them to watch me eat with a spoon? In any case, I won’t be eating lunch for another 2 hours, so a snack is always welcome. One spoon for B, one spoon for G, and one for me! Every couple of bites I offer water from the sippy cups, all the while signing to them like crazy. I wonder when they’ll sign back.

11:55– Sign ‘all done!’ Somehow manage to clean sweet potatoes out of G’s nose without her crying. Marvel at how B managed to get squash behind his ears.  Wipe hands, faces, and the high chairs. Once the high chairs are clean, I’ll take off their now food-filled bibs, rinse the food off their sippy cups, and let them play/attempt to drink water on their own. Giggle at their attempts to drink from their sippy cups like its a straw. Wash spoons, bowls, and hands, then get lunch bottles into the warmer.

12:00– Lunch bottles!

12:15-12:30– Independent play while I wash bottles. This usually involves a good 10 minutes of B and G playing ‘gimme’ with the same one toy, while surrounded by plenty of other toys. Wash hands.

12:30– Diaper check! Wash hands. Make a mental note to ask MB1 about adding removable changing pad covers on top of the existing. They’re these kind of oval pieces of fabric that are easy to pull off and wash without having to take the entire changing pad cover off. They’re super convenient for cleaning up huge blowouts!

12:40– More play! Try to get in some tummy time if they’re feeling up to it, but usually just try to keep them sitting upright while playing. G is pretty much set, and B and is soo close!!

1:15– Realize it’s past 1pm and I’m starving! Heat up my lunch and get B and G settled into their high chairs so they can sit at the table with me. Offer them some more water from their sippy cups and a toy to play with while I eat. Fill them in on all the gossip of my life while ‘eating’ together ;)

1:30– Alarm on my phone goes off to take my bc pill. It’s that super loud annoying ‘Alert! Alert!’ alarm on the iPhone, and is always super loud. It’s a wonder it never scares B or G. They sit in their chairs contentedly playing while I frantically paw through my bag to find it, take my pill, and sit back down to finish eating lunch.

1:45– By this time both B and G are rubbing their eyes and yawning, getting ready to take a nap. Read for a bit, listen to some calmer music and get diapers changed around 1:55ish.

1:55– Get B and G into sleep sacks with pacifiers, and into their cribs. G falls asleep right away, while B takes a little longer to convince. After a few minutes of singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and rubbing/patting his back, he’s out.

2:00-2:55- Naptime! B will usually wake up 35-40 minutes into his nap, so take an extra couple of minutes to get him back down. Once he’s asleep again, he’ll stay asleep until I wake him up. FaceTime Jacob for a bit to complain about being tired/vent/have someone to talk to that will actually respond to me. Catch up on more twitter, read for a bit, and contemplate taking another nap. By the time I get B back down though, it’s already 2:40. Around 2:55 wash hands, and get bottles out of the fridge and into the warmer. I like to have them ready when B and G wake up, so it’s one less thing for them to wait on and fuss over.

3:00– Wake up B and G and laugh at the line marks on their faces from sleeping on their hands. Poor kids must’ve been pooped! Check diapers once more. Change B’s if he needs it, though G usually wakes up dry. Wash hands. Make a mental note to check G’s diaper in 30 minutes.

3:05– Last bottle of the day! Usually B and G are pretty good about finishing these bottles fairly quickly. Contemplate drinking a RedBull, but it’s in my pantry basket of snacks and by the time it would get cold in the fridge, it’d be time to leave. Mental note to put a RedBull in the fridge at the beginning of nap tomorrow. Scratch that, and think about how I probably should just take a nap when I get the chance. Scratch that, and think about how I probably should just get to bed at a decent time. (Midnight? Not so decent, but apparently a bad habit of mine.)

3:20– More play! Get bottles washed, and wash hands. They’re in a good mood, so the simplest of peekaboo games sends them into a fit of giggles and smiles, which really just makes everything worth it.

3:30– Change G’s diaper. Wash hands. Mental note to change them both again at 4:15ish. MB1 and MB2 usually come home right around 4:30, and I refuse to let them come home to a dirty diaper.

3:45-4:15– Play every silly game possible to keep them in a good mood. I also refuse to let MB1 and MB2 come home to a fussy baby. They’ve been gone at work and missing the little ones all day, the last thing they want to come home to is a dirty, fussy, tired baby. So basically the last hour of my job is making sure it’s all clean babies, smiles, and snuggles when the parents get home. Write a little blurb about ‘what we did today’ in their daily journals, making sure to write down any reminders. Gather of all B’s things to take home. Make sure all bottles are dry and put into the diaper bag. Get together leftover lunch and his sippy cup into a plastic baggie so nothing spills. Put back bib, blanket, and his favorite pacifier into the diaper bag.

4:15ish– Last diaper check of the day! If I can manage, carry B and G into the bedroom at the same time to be changed. I’m sure MB1 and MB2 would understand, but I would hate for one of them to come home and find either B or G sitting in the front room alone while I’m changing the other. Maybe that’s just me being weird. Wash hands. Double check that everything in their daily journals is updated, update their daily apps if need be (MB1 uses Sprout for G, and MB2 Baby Bundle for B. Any interest in review posts in the future? Just an idea.)

4:25ish– MB1 arrives home first, and MB2 a few minutes later to pick up B. Breathe a little easier when both B and G are smiling, happy, bundles of joy when their respective moms pick them up :)

4:30– Chat with MB1 and MB2 about the day, and end up chatting a little longer about random things. I wonder if they realize the reason I’m so talkative when they get home is because I don’t really have anyone to talk to all day! Make sure I’ve got my keys, sunglasses, phone, water bottles, and my bag before heading out the door.

4:45– Get on the road and realize I forgot to ask MB1 about the changing pad covers. Make a mental note to make a physical note about it, since I obviously can’t remember.

5:10– Finally get home (yay Austin traffic!) and change my shirt after boyfriend makes a comment. Weird. I don’t remember getting spit up on, but my shirt totally does smell like it on the shoulder.

5:30– Dinner

6:00-whenever– CHILL TIME. Watch tv, paint, blog, play videogames with Jake. Eventually drag ourselves to the gym. Shower, read for a bit, then finally get to bed maybe midnightish? Again, a terrible habit. Wake up and repeat.

Phew! So there it is, friends! A typical day in the life! I actually kept a mini-journal by my side at work the other day to keep track of each thing. I had no idea how many times I actually washed my hands each day! I mean, of course it’s a good thing, but no wonder my hands are so dry all the time. Hope ya’ll enjoyed, and I hope to see you here again soon!


7 thoughts on “#nannylife- A Day in the Life

  1. I give you a lot of credit and props for being a nanny…I am a teacher and I understand how exhausting working with children can be. It sounds like you have a great routine in place

  2. Pingback: A Day In The Life- Day Eight | alyssa racquel

  3. Add in there photo shoots, video work and researching work haha :) My baby keeps me super busy like this timeline, but he’s the motivation to continue doing new things. It’s a lot of work, but worth every minute of it. I think it is great that you are a nanny, and it is even cooler that you blog about it. I’m looking forward to more :)

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