My New Friend, Ruby


Hey friends! So, as I would hope that you’ve noticed by now, I’m super into being really open and honest about sex, and sexual health. Yes, friends, this is a period post. So… show of hands- who keep track of their periods? Whether it be on just a scrap of paper, an app on your phone, or a discreet place in your calendar, tracking your periods is not only practical (don’t get caught unprepared!), but is also great for understanding your entire ovulation and menstrual cycle.

For me, keeping track of my periods is pretty simple. My birth control pill, Lo Loestrin, runs on a 28-day schedule, with 24 days of estrogen and progestin pills, 2 days of just estrogen pills, and 2 placebos. I’m lucky enough to have an incredibly regular period, exactly every 28 days, usually lasting 2 days. My periods are usually very light, and it’s pretty common for myself and other women who have been on this pill for over a year to skip a period entirely every once in a while. BUT, if you’re not on the pill, are taking some other form of hormonal contraception, or are using a non-hormonal form of contraception, it can be super helpful to keep track of your menstrual cycle. There’s really no woman that couldn’t benefit from understanding more about their monthly cycle.

Enter the period tracking apps! I first used Period Tracker Lite, which was pretty standard in just a calendar format where you can input both your period dates, intimacy dates, and even keep track of symptoms, though more is offered in the full version. Then I tried the Glow period tracker app, and it was life changing! Glow is more than just a period tracker; it’s a community full of women that give advice on different topics, can answer questions and concerns, and cheer each other on in their quest for…. conceiving. Yeah.. that was the downside of this app. Though it worked great for keeping track of daily healthy stats like when you were on your period, your mood and symptoms, and when you were intimate, it seemed designed more for women trying to conceive. I’m all about learning about your ovulation cycle, and the app gave super helpful tips on things like measuring basal body temperature and learning what different types of cervical mucus meant for ovulation, but it was unnecessary. Even though my profile said I was actively avoiding pregnancy, there’s really no way around all the questions.

And now, my friend Ruby. Ruby is also a period tracking app, like Glow, but it takes the focus off of conception and ovulation and really only serves to keep track of periods and intimacy dates, which is really all I ever used Glow for to begin with. It’s a super friendly format, and inputting a log is as simple as hitting a couple of icons- no long lists filling in medical stats every day! The best part is that Ruby also includes the same great community as Glow, but supported by Bedsider, a great organization that serves to educate and support young women to make informed choices about their sex life, and answer questions about sexual healthy and relationships.

I love reading through the community to learn about lots of things, ranging from how college students manage to balance classes, to what exactly that discharge means. I love being able to talk and connect with other women using Ruby. Got a weird/embarrassing question? Ask anonymously, and I’d be willing to bet that you’re not as alone as you’d think :)

So friends, what are you waiting for? Go out and try to new Ruby app today, found in the App Store (android version coming soon!) and let me know what yall think. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your day and I hope to see you again here soon!


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