Current Obsession: Fitmo App


Hello friends! So as you may or may not realize, I actively try to live a healthy lifestyle. I know, I know, if you’ve met me you know I spend way too much time with candy in my hands to really be taken seriously as an advocate for living healthy, and getting fit. But, after weeks of putting it off (and putting weight on), Jacob and I finally got a membership at our local Planet Fitness. Which is fine and dandy and all, but after a long day at work the last thing either of us has the motivation to do is dedicate and hour or more (plus travel time) going to the gym.

Note: I am in no way being paid or reimbursed by Fitmo for this review.

I just actually really really like that I don’t have to leave my house to workout. 

Because working out sucks. Kinda. Nobody likes it. Let’s be honest. Like you feel great after, yeah, but no one has the time of their life doing crunches. I sure as hell don’t. Every crunch I do makes me regret every donut I’ve ever eaten. And I love donuts. So hey crunches, stop making me hate something I love. I love food. But I want a good body. #thestruggle End rant.

Enter the Fitmo app. After seeing a Facebook ad for it, I decided to give it a try. New users are treated to a free 7-day trial, and since I love anything that has the word FREE in it, I decided to give it a try. Now, a little bit more about Fitmo and how it works (from my understanding). Fitmo is an app that connects real coaches with people like me; those who don’t have a lot of time for workouts, knowledge of different workout routines, or just need an extra bump of motivation. It’s basically the of personal training ;) You enter your goals, and whether you want monthly or daily training, and are matched with a coach who specializes in what you’re looking to improve. Note: this is a monthly subscription service, but more details on that later. So, I filled out the intake form (just a quick 5 minute survey) and was matched with a wonderful coach named Rebecca. She set up a few days of workouts for me, and we scheduled a time for us to Skype/FaceTime to get an official intake done. All of this was completely free and included in the 7-day trial! How awesome!! I chatted with my coach about what my goals were as far as getting into better shape, and we talked about the best ways to incorporate a new routine into my daily life. The questions were super helpful, and together we decided that at-home workouts worked best for me, and that keeping lots of variety in the workouts would work best to keep me motivated and from getting too bored. We even talked about how I incorporate my daily walks with my nanny kids into my fitness routine! (P.S. If you’ve never pushed a baby in a stroller uphill while also having another baby strapped to your chest, trust me, it’s a workout)

I absolutely love the way the workouts are structured within the app. Before each workout, you get to scroll through the details of each exercise, how many reps, what weights to use, and of course the ever-important rest times in between sets. As the workout begins, you are shown a video of how to do the specific exercise, then a timer keeps track of how long to do each exercise. There’s even a spot at the bottom that shows you what’s coming up next! I’ve also been loving the variety of workouts I’ve been assigned. There was a great core workouts that involved 30 seconds of holding a position followed by about 10 seconds of rest, repeated 4 times each with 3 different exercises. There’s more vigorous cardio workouts that have you running in place, doing crunches, or doing high knees for about 20 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest, then about a minute and a half rest between each exercise. The point is, it’s super simple to do in the comfort of your own living room, as most of the workouts don’t require any equipment, instead relying on your own body weight to get the job done. Oh, and did I mention that they’re super short? Most of my workouts average about 10 minutes, and while it really doesn’t sound like much, each workout is perfectly designed for you to feel progress being made! My first workout seemed like it was just stretching for about 9 minutes, but my core was working hard, and I was totally sore the next day!!

Beyond the awesome workouts is the wonderful customization that comes with the app. That’s the whole idea of Fitmo- having a personal coach in your pocket that knows your goals, understands your needs, and is your personal motivator whenever you need it. Once you finish up your 7-day trial and have your first intake meeting with your coach (again, completely free and included in your trial! Why wouldn’t you give it a shot?!) you have two options to keep your momentum going- monthly or daily training. The monthly training is a great deal, let me tell you! For less than $9/month, you can join Fitmo and get your own monthly personalized workout schedule!! That’s pennies more than a Netflix subscription friends. With a monthly subscription, you get a monthly meeting with your coach that includes creating your schedule for the next month. Honestly it’s the greatest deal you’ll ever get for having a coach listen and change workouts to your needs monthly. The other option is daily training, which costs vary coach to coach. This includes your monthly training schedule personalization of course, but also includes unlimited schedule changes throughout the month, and video calls with your coach at any time. Have something come up and need to change your routine up a bit? Your coach is always just a Skype, phone call, or message away. Most daily training packages are upwards of $60/month, but again, it depends on your specific coach. Again, these are REAL PEOPLE that are training you! They have all been certified by Fitmo, and have all the training and certifications that you would find from any personal trainer at a gym,and often times more! For example, beyond being an ACSM certified exercise physiologist, my coach also has a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise sciences! Now, of course $60/month is more than the monthly coaching, but consider what the costs of this level of personalized coaching would be in any other circumstance. Yep, upwards of $799/month. The best part is that Fitmo is able to pay the coaches well for their wonderful services, giving them a whopping 80% of their subscription profits. I’s so glad to see that Fitmo is really looking out to take care of both their coaches and subscribers!

The app is based in both San Francisco and Amsterdam, meaning you may or may not end up with an international transaction fee from your bank. I only mention this because I got one and don’t want anyone else to be caught off guard! Here’s the thing though, my bank is a huge stickler for fees (seriously. I get charged a $3 foreign atm transaction fee for not using one of my bank’s atms, in addition to whatever fee the atm charges me. It sucks), and the fee was a measly $.56. Not bad!

In conclusion friends, this is a great app that I definitely, definitely recommend you check out! If nothing else, at least give the 7-day free trial a try. There’s no putting credit card info in before the trial, so there’s no risk, and no obligations! You can read more about it at their website, and download Fitmo from the App Store here. So give it a go, friends! As always, have a wonderful rest of your day, and I hope to see you here again soon!


One thought on “Current Obsession: Fitmo App

  1. Hi Alyssa! I came across your review when I was researching Fitmo. Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s given me more confidence to give this a try. I am curious, though, if you’ve kept up your membership with them? How are your workouts going? Do you still like it? Thank you so much for your input. For some reason, I’m not finding a whole lot of reviews for them. Thanks again! – J.

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