A Little More of Everything- Paintings


So friends, I told you this blog was about a little bit of everything, right? I’ve decided to sort of pull the curtain back on one of my passions that involves my love for crafts and everything artsy :) So, about 2 years ago I took up painting! Mind you, I did so very casually. It started with an idea for gifts to give all my friends who were also seniors in high school and soon to be graduating. I made everyone a personalized canvas painting, usually related to their school, or some favorite color, etc. So, they came out a lot better than I thought, and I couldn’t been happier! Below are some fun examples of the paintings I made as senior gifts. university of houston paintingblue script J red bowmonogram LVB chevronpeacock feathers script NSan Marcos Texas heart

Because I was so happy with how they turned out (the blue J with the red bow is my favorite!) I decided to keep painting, just little doodads here and there to keep boredom at bay. These two paintings were a Christmas gift to my boyfriend before we moved in together, and were hung in the apartment :)

the kitchen is the heart of the homefor it is love that makes a house a home

Then came just random little quotes and things throughout senior year:

Darren Criss quote purplesolo queria un cafe coffee painting

A Valentine’s gift for my darling:

how sweet it is to be loved by you

A Mother’s Day gift two years back. This one was really fun to make actually! I had my younger brother help, and each leaf on the tree is actually one of our fingerprints. Fun idea for kids young and old. The quote was especially tear-jerking that year as it was only a month before I graduated high school!

Mother's Day fingerprint tree painting

And then my most recent paintings. These are also just random bits of collected boredom. I love each painting dearly, and have even been experimenting with mixing medias (scrapbook paper and string on the dreamcatcher, plastic flowers among the painted ones), but my collection is getting extensive, so I’m thinking of putting some up for sale. Thoughts or comments on this would be appreciated! Would anyone be interested in one? Just a thought :)

Dare to Dreamcather paintinglights will guide you home paintingchoose joy rainbow paintingi love us heart paintingdream without fear black floral painting

So there’s that! My little blurb on just a little more of what makes me, me! I hope you enjoyed this post, as I’d love to share more of my paintings and creations here. Have a wonderful rest of your day, and I hope to see you here again soon!


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