#nannylife- First Week in Review + Tummy Time Painting


I’ve done it! Although it’s officially been two weeks, since I’ve started, I’d still like to take a moment to reflect over how it’s been. First off, I’m so happy with my Nanny Family (NF). My charge is 3 months old, and honestly she as cute as could be. I’m so excited to spend my days reading stories, singing songs, helping with tummy time, and so much more! Originally, I was to be part of a nanny share with 3 families, and would have one main charge (3 mo), and the two others maybe one or two days a week. Now, that has come to a full-time nanny share of the original 3 month-old girl, and an adorable 2 month-old boy. For privacy reasons, from this point forward I will refer to them as G (girl, 3 months), and B (boy, 2 months). I couldn’t be happier about having two little charges! I can’t wait to start fun developmental activities, and help both children learn and grow through play. While right now I still have just G, B will become full-time in about 2 weeks.

In my second week, I had my first craft activity with G! Inspired of course by Pinterest, the activity focused on sensory play through colors and paint, and also worked in tummy time as well!


My inspiration came from this image on Pinterest, from a great site called CanDoKiddo.com. Check out their post on tummy time painting here.  IMG_9048

First off, gather your supplies! I used Crayola Washable paints for ease, but in the future I would definitely use more paint! You’ll also need some paper, and a clear ziploc bag to put it all in.


So who would’ve thought that the hardest part of this whole project was getting the paper into the bag carefully! Here are my tips for making the tummy time paint activity as successful as possible :)

  1. Don’t be afraid to use lots of paint! My first attempt (pictured above left) I only used a few dabs here and there, and the end result was kinda of smeared dots on the page. The second attempt (pictured above right) I added more paint to each dab, and clustered them more closely together. Even moving forward, I would advise getting squirt bottles of paint in order to maximize the amount you’re about to squeeze onto the page.
  2. Cut your paper much thinner than your bag! As you can see in my first attempt, the width of the paper made it difficult to fit into the bag easily, causing the paper to crease and the paint to smear before I even zipped up the bag. Second attempt was much smoother!
  3. Use a heavyweight paper. There’s lots of paint smearing going on here, and computer paper just isn’t going to cut it. I would even be wary of construction paper, so you might want to go for a heavier cardstock-like paper. I used two pieces of high-quality sketch paper. There’s perks to having all my old supplies from art school laying around!
  4. When you’re all done, instead of trying to pull the paper out from the bag, simply cut along the sides of the bag and peel the plastic layer off. Yes, this pulls some of the paint and causes a little ripple pattern in the blobs, but its much easier and less messy than the other option! Plus, the cut-open plastic baggies make a great drying spot for the paintings!IMG_9057

So here was the final result! I was so glad to see G genuinely interested in smearing the paint beneath her, and that the colors were bright enough to capture her attention. Plus, you just can’t beat great tummy time. I hope you and your little ones have as much fun painting these as G and I did! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and I hope to see you here again very soon :)


Leave me your thoughts!

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