#nannylife- Mother’s Day Craft



Hello friends! As you know, I’ve been nannying with G now for almost a month, and am loving it! Though she’s only 3 months, I knew I wanted to make a small craft to give MB (Mom Boss) for Mother’s Day! G’s mom has been so wonderful to me from the very beginning, and I love knowing she has full confidence in me! I decided to do a take on the traditional handprint and turn it into a canvas painting MB would be able to hang in the house should she choose.

First, I painted the canvas background at home, then brought it in one day to take the handprints. I used acrylic for the background and quote of the painting, and Crayola washable paint for the handprints, as it was just easier to clean off of little fingers :) The handprints came out a bit lighter than I intended, but this was simply due to the thinner quality of the paint used. Not a big deal. Now, these prints came out a bit messy because, well, a 3 month old was involved. The paint on her hangs provided a fun sensory experience though, as G kept staring at her hand and squishing the paint in her closed fists. I found it interesting that she didn’t mind her feet painted as much! I laid her down and painted one foot at a time, then pressed it to the canvas before cleaning the paint off, and she was just so relaxed and calm the whole time. My sweet G :)

Below is the finished product:


I love this quote for a tie-in to the flowers/spring theme, and it’s not blatant that it’s for Mother’s Day, so it can be displayed year-round if MB wanted! Although all you nannies probably have your crafts done and ready to go for today, this is a quick last-minute idea, or even one to keep for next year! I hope you and your little ones enjoying making these as much as G and I did! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and I hope to see you here again very soon!


Leave me your thoughts!

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