#nannylife- Sample Infant Information Sheets

 So, here I am, less than a week away from beginning my newest journey as a full-time nanny! In the spirit of both organization, and having a bit too much time on my hands, I came up with these info sheets I thought would be helpful to anyone starting a new nanny position. I’m attempting to keep things as organized as possible, as I’ll be part of a nanny share with 3 families! This means I’ll have a ‘home base’ with my full-time family where the other two families will bring their child for care one day a week each (not on the same days). This works out so that I’ll never be caring for more than two infants at a time. That being said, all of the children in my care are under a year old, ages currently 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. So, these sheets are designed with infants in mind, but the general idea is that it’s important for any caregiver to be able to have information about the child available for reference, and contact info in case of emergency.

I began the first sheet as a simple contact information sheet, asking for information about both parents phone numbers, address of work, etc., and made sure to get both doctor’s contact info and insurance information.   The second sheet is where you can really tell that this is made for infants. I ask questions about bottles, feedings, and naps. Some of these specifics really come in handy when trying to soothe a crying infant to sleep!The last sheet is really just a list of things typically kept in a diaper bag, but are all things that may be needed during a typical day with an infant.

Nannies and soon-to-be nannies alike, I hope you found these helpful! If you’d like to use these sheets, I’ve the link to download is here- child info. Look out for more posts on #nannylife and see you next time :)


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