Your New Favorite Drink

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So, with that in mind, and Lent being 40 days, I figured it was a good a time as any to break one of my bad habits, and make a new one.

The first thing I wanted to do was break (or attempt to) my addiction to the sugars in sodas and candies. I gave up drinking all sodas/sugary drinks (including coffee!) for 40 days. Before this, I was a slave to Starbucks almost every morning. It doesn’t help that it was just feet from my work! But, I realized that beyond the effects of the caffeine I’m drinking in every day, I’m drinking in tons of calories and sugars each morning! It’s easy to turn down a burger because of the fat and calories, but think about all the sugars that go into the caramel sauce of your favorite Starbucks drink. Yep. Even my go-to, grande soy white chocolate mocha with no whip, came in at a whopping 470 calories!! Of course, that’s the standard recipe and there could be more or less depending on the whipped cream, type of milk used, etc., but, still!! So, I knew it was time to cut all those sugary drinks out of my life. Essentially, I’m drinking nothing but water. And sweet tea. Which, yes had both sugar and caffeine in it, 1) I drink it very sparingly, 2) Compared to the sugar in sodas its a much better choice!, and 3) Cut me some slack, this is harder than I thought.

In doing all of this research on the effect of sugars in sodas, I came across article after article about how important it is to drink enough water and keep your body hydrated. Did you know that the number one cause of kidney stones is chronic dehydration? Something that’s totally preventable. But how do we know how much is enough? Nowadays, there is no standard eight 8oz cups of water a day, because everyone is totally different and so are their needs. The basic formula for how much water you drink is to take your weight in pounds and multiply it by .67. Your body is made up of 2/3 water, so this is how much we should try to replenish. Of course, if you’re less active you might only need close to 50% of your body weight, and more activity always means more water! Aim for an additional 12oz for every 30 minutes of hard exercise. I weigh 112lbs, so my water intake per day should be 75oz as a base, plus 12oz per half hour of exercise. That’s quite a bit!! So, I decided to try to find a way to increase my water consumption.

First thing I had to do was get myself a new water bottle! If I were to just drink the standard 16.9oz water bottles, I realized that I would have to keep track of almost 5 every day. So instead, I went out and got myself one that’s 24oz, so I can drink 3 in a day and know that I’m where I need to be with water. The other reason I wanted a new water bottle is because I had taken an interest in water infusions! It’s a fancy way of saying putting fresh fruit in your water to make it taste good :) The first water bottle that I tried out was the 24oz Ello Tritan. I LOVED this water bottle. I found mine at Walmart for about $8, but you can find it on Amazon as well. Ello also makes a 20oz glass version of the bottle that’s really nice, but not really what I needed for my infusions. I found that the way that the top popped up on my bottle was perfect for never letting chunks of fruit get to my mouth. I could put as much fruit as I wanted into it, but when the top was opened, the opening was small enough for only the delicious, flavored water to come through! My boyfriend uses a 32oz version by Aladdin that we got at Walmart and he loves it! It comes with a little infuser ball to put the fruit in, then drop into the bottle. Works great for him, but he does admit that the slots in the infuser ball are big enough to let some fruit chunks slip out sometimes. Find what works for you!

Our bottle side-by-side, with just a simple cucumber-mint infusion.

Excuse my selfie face :P

One of my favorites- cucumber, lime, and mint!

More recently though, I dropped my precious water bottle and the top broke in a way so that it doesn’t close all the way, leaving me with a wet, leaking, mess everytime I try to drink from it. So, I’ve gotten a new bottle, and while I haven’t tried an infusion in it quite yet, I’m confident that the design will be helpful in keeping those dreaded cucumber seeds from getting through! I went to Target the other day and got the 24oz Contigo Cortland and I love that the top has a little ball where the water comes out, ensuring that only water goes through. In addition, it has an auto-seal function that means no spills!

My current set-up

I’ll be sure to update on how it does with my fruit! Until then, drink plenty of water, feel some sunshine, and have a beautiful day :)


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