Short little post to announce news and such.

The inevitable has happened. I’ve decided to begin blogging about my newest adventures as a full-time nanny. I’m so excited to start in just a few weeks time! My most recent job was working at a preschool center, and while I absolutely loved it, I definitely didn’t love spending 3 hours in the car each day just battling Austin traffic.So, I hopped up on and through dozens of e-mails, phone calls, and interviews, I’ve found the perfect family to nanny for!

Now, I don’t consider myself just your casual babysitter. I do have extensive experience with newborns that I feel will definitely help me as a nanny. I’m excited to be part of a nanny-share that will help 3 separate families, all with newborns. Of course, I won’t ever have all three of them at a time, that would be a lot!

I’m looking to start my blog as an extension of the community of nannies out there; I know there are lots! I hope this becomes a place where I can give advice, ask for advice, share laughs, troubles, triumphs, and more. Children are the light of my life, and I truly love caring for them. I’m excited to grow as a caregiver in continuing to pursue my ultimate goal of becoming a teacher. Even if you’re not a parent or nanny, I hope to create a blog that is engaging and exciting for all to read! Until next time, have a beautiful day<3


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