Blog Revamp!!

Hello friends, new and old!

Today I begin a project that has long been overdue! I’ve been putting off blogging for over a year now, figuring that I should just give up. BUT, the blog ideas just kept flowing so now I have this long list of fun content to come :)

I realize beginning a revamp to my blog a year later is basically starting from zero once more. So why didn’t I do that? Well 1) I already am in love with my domain name, and 2) I plan to leave the contents of my blog as is. So everything; from me complaining about not having a Valentine at age 17, to stressing about getting into colleges will be left on my blog for any one of my new followers to see. Why? Because its my past, its very real, and I am not ashamed. Yes, I could start from square one, but if one of my followers would like to see the silly outfits I wore as a junior in high school, so be it. There was a time when I felt the need to post those things, and I’m not sure what kind of blogger I would be if I wasn’t transparent. Same thing goes for my YouTube channel, which I also plan on updating and making more regular additions to. All my high school singing solos and rants about high school drama will remain. Because, that’s still me. With my new blog/youtube comes not a new person, but simply a new focus. Or focuses.

My new blog will simply be an extension of what it was before and is likely to always be- a little bit of everything. I do have plans for more specific posts, namely those pertaining to my newest line of work and the mass amounts of knowledge I’ve gained from it, but I will definitely be focused on simply writing about what I love.

Until next time friends! I’m so excited to see where this takes me, and hope you come along for the ride :)


Leave me your thoughts!

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