Valentine’s Day

Yes yes I know I haven’t posted in over a month. I’ve been busy!! I moved into a new apartment with Jacob in another part of Austin, got a second job, and started school. But, I definitely wanted to share how my Valentine’s was this year (much better than last year’s btw. You can read last year’s ‘Teary Eyes and Valentines’ here.) because it was amazing! :)

The day before, I made these heart paper chains from Pinterest and hung them random places in the house, like so:

Then the morning started with heart-shaped everything for breakfast :)

Yes that’s heart-shaped bacon. It was awesome and Jake was super impressed :)

Mmm pancakes. Then of course I had to start the morning with a note for my sweetheart:

For Jacob’s gift, I painted him a small canvas to go up on our bookshelf. He also got a handmade card and sticker for his laptop :)

And then I got my gift! I got the most beautiful ‘Circle of Love’ necklace from Jake, and I’m completely in love with it<3

And of course he’s making silly faces in the background lol :P

Next we went to play laser tag at this awesome place in Austin that apparently has the largest laser tag arena in Texas! It was awesome, and as Jake said ‘Nothing says I love you like shooting lasers at your partner!’ I had so much fun and can’t wait to go back. Before heading home, we stopped by HEB to get all the things I needed to make dinner. As you can see, I had big plans for dinner.

And actually everything came out okay!! I was super nervous for making the steaks, and definitely relieved when Jake tried and enjoyed everything I had made. We sat down for a nice candlelit dinner that was super-romantic, and everything was awesome :)


Most of all though, Jake loved dessert. I made poached pears in puff pastries with a honey glaze, a dish I had made before for New Year’s Eve. It’s actually quite simple to make, despite how complex it looks, and it is SO delicious. It’s now my go-to fancy dessert haha :)

So that was my Valentine’s Day!! Before this year, I had never had a Valentine, so this time around was most definitely a success. It was a wonderful day to spent with Jacob celebrating our love, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day as well! :)


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