Friday 1/10/14

Dear Janie and Jack: Thank you so much for this opportunity!! I’m so excited to start working there on Tuesday, and I know I’ll love working in the store. I was super nervous for the interview, but I’m super excited to start :) Dear Jacob: Today was so wonderful. Not because it was the most exciting day, because we did the most things, or went the most places. Nope, after my interview this morning we came home on this cold, rainy day and called it a movie day. We watched an episode of Band of Brothers, We’re the Millers, Iron Man 3, Spring Breakers, and Fast and Furious 6. I love just being with you. Dear Spring Breakers: You were one weird, terrible movie. Like, it was really weird. Dear Jake: Thank you for making dinner tonight baby! It was so cute watching you in the kitchen, determined to do everything yourself. Breakfast for dinner is always wonderful, and you make the best brinner. I love you so much<3



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