Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, ya’ll!!

Before I get into today’s letters, I had to share this adorable wrapping paper from my 5 year-old cousin, Ari.

Isn’t that precious? She drew something on each of them and her mom wrote on the back what the drawings were so everyone in the family knew, how sweet! Alright, now today’s letters :)

Dear Jacob: Today, you had to go back home. I already know I’ll miss you terribly, and I really hope you’ll be able to come back up and spend New Year’s Eve with me. I would love to have you there so I can have a midnight kiss<3 Dear aunts: I so admire the bond between the three of you and my mom. I love that our family is so close, and I love that you’re supportive of my newest decisions!! I’m so glad to be able to celebrate the holidays with you all, and I’m happy to know you have my back, because you love me. Dear stomach: So I ate way too much. Three tamales, rice, beans, strawberry trifle, brownies, chocolate cookies, and chocolates. But hey, it’s the holidays :) Dear J: I was right. I already miss you<3 Tomorrow we can Skype so we can open our presents together. I'm excited to see what you think of what I've gotten you!! :) I miss you and love you always.


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