Today’s Letters: Catching Up

Friday, 12/20/13

Dear Jacob: I get to see you again today darling!! I’ve missed you so much and I’m so happy to get to be with you again today :) Dear Austin: I’m so excited to officially call you home!! I’m so happy about everything in progress and can’t wait until January :) Dear road trips: When I’m alone you’re nearly unbearable, but when I get to drive with Jacob the trip is just one long dance/sing sesh that’s way too much fun :)

Saturday, 12/21/13

Dear mall: YOU ARE CRAZY. Dear Sushi Daan: Thank you for being amazing as always! Dear Jake: I’m so happy you enjoy sushi! It’s of my favorite foods and I’m excited to have it be something we can enjoy together. Dear American Hustle: You are an excellent movie. And Rosalyn is a crazy bitch. Dear J: You make me so happy, darling. So, so happy :)

Sunday, 12/22/13

Dear Jacob: Today you met one of my best friends! It means a lot that you earned the Nikki seal of approval lol :) I love you honey! Dear Nikki: You’re hilarious and I love you. Also, don’t be upset! Your ‘someone’ will come soon enough, I know it ;) Dear Buon Giorno’s: Thank you for being amazing as always!! Dear Rio Mambo: It was so good to be back in the restaurant again! I miss everyone there, and I miss working there too!! It was nice to be able to come back and visit for a bit :) Dear Mambo Mama: Jake’s a great guy, I hope you know! He makes me so happy, I know you’re just looking out for me as my mom. I love you always! Dear Barnes and Noble: You never fail to provide entertainment :) Jake and I sat and read together for a while and even got a new book for the both of us out of it! Dear Southlake: You are. So. Gorgeous. Dear J: Today we got to drive around and look at Christmas lights in Southlake! It definitely got me into the Christmas spirit and I can’t wait until we can spend our Christmas’s together always<3

Monday, 12/23/13

Dear Office Depot: Thank you for being SO quick and efficient! I was in and out with my new laptop in a matter of about 15 minutes!! Dear Jacob: Today we got to go to one of my favorite places in Grapevine, Parr Park. It was so peaceful walking the trails with you and enjoying the beautiful day. I love you so much<3


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